New Forum Software FAQ (WIP) for Vanilla

I’m compiling some information that should help us with our growing pains as we ease into the new software.<br>
<b>Q: The forum’s friggin’ ugly now!</b><br>
A: <a href="Replacement Themes for Enhanced Browsing Pleasure rel=“nofollow” class=“bbcode_url”>Install this.</a> You’re welcome.<br>
(Also, that’s not a question.)<br>
<b>Q: Why don’t I get notifications for posts that people reply to?</b><br>
A: That one’s being worked on. For now, you can put an @ symbol in front of the user’s name when you quote and it’ll page them and let them know you mentioned them in a comment.<br>

Will come out like this:
<blockquote class=“UserQuote”>
<div class=“QuoteAuthor”><a href="/profile/%40DaRabidDuckie"></a><a href="/profile/DaRabidDuckie">@DaRabidDuckie</a> wrote:</div>
<div class=“QuoteText”>Some thing I said.</div>
See the @ symbol? That will page me.<br>
Anywho, that’ll work for now (unless you’re unfortunate enough to have a space or punctuation in your name). Like I said, the higher-ups are working on it.<br>
<b>Q: Where is (insert feature here)</b><br>
A: Good question. It just may not be enabled yet. One of the features of Vanilla Forums is that they’re quite bare at the default level. It makes them <u>really fucking fast</u>. Unfortunately, they’re a little er… vanilla (ha!) and there are some things that haven’t been installed yet. Features are coming. Give them a day or two, and please be patient. <img src="/plugins/Emotify/design/images/1.gif" alt=":)" title=":)" class=“bbcode_smiley” height="" width=""><br>
(I personally know that animated avatars, signatures, and quote notifications are being looked into, along with MANY others. Really, give it time!)<br>
<b>Q: How do I edit my posts?</b><br>
A: Hover over a post you made. See the little gear? Click on that, then click “edit.”<br>
<b>Q: What about Tapatalk?</b><br>
A: Currently not supported by the host. Fortunately, the native mobile browser is VERY good!
<blockquote class=“UserQuote”>

<div class=“QuoteText”>Unfortunately no, we don’t currently offer the Tapatalk addon on our hosted sites. It hasn’t passed our QA and security review at this time.</div>
(<a href=“” rel=“nofollow” class=“bbcode_url”>source</a>) – Thanks, <a href="/profile/Kyle">@Kyle</a>!<br>
<b>Q: Where did the emotes go?</b><br>
A: Emotes are now in the text box. Look to the right. It’s a drop down box. (credit to <a href="/profile/WTF">@WTF</a>-AKUMA-HAX for that one!)<br>
<b>Q: Why don’t previews work?</b><br>
A: They do, you just may not have noticed it because it doesn’t change windows anymore. When you click preview, the text box changes from edit mode into what I’m calling a “live mode” where it shows you how your post will look. If you like it, click “Post Comment.” If you don’t, click 'edit" and continue working with it until you like it.<br>
<b>Q: I made a post and it disappeared? Where did it go?</b><br>
A: Did it have a link or several embeds in it and not much other content? It could have been flagged as spam. One of the best features of the new forums (at least for the mods and admins) is the anti-spam control. Click on your profile and look at it for a sec. See that bit that says “unverified” or “verified”? That’s part of the spam filter protection. Every time an “unverified” person posts a link that contains only images or an excessive number of flagged words, it removes that post automatically and puts it into a queue. A moderator reviews that post, and when they determine that it isn’t spam, they approve the post for viewing and then get an option to mark that user’s account as “verified,” which means that they won’t be flagged for spam anymore. Even so, people can still flag stuff for spam in case someone’s account gets hacked or something.<br>
<b>Q: Why did my post get buried?</b><br>
A: If enough users mark as post as “spam,” “troll,” “abuse,” or “off-topic,” then a post is automatically buried. The best way to prevent this is to not make crappy posts, plain and simple. It could be possible that people are messing with you, and do note that every time a post is flagged, it goes into the moderator queue for review, so I wouldn’t worry about people abusing this feature for very long…<br>
<b>Q: Why do people keep clicking “disagree” on my posts?</b><br>
A: You’re either a crappy poster, or people are messing with you. Probably both.<br>
<b>Q: I had a post with a lot of links in it, and now they’re broken. Help?</b><br>
A: It’s pretty easy to fix, actually. Edit the post, and look at the link. Delete everything before the numbers in a link and put “<a href=“” target=”_blank" rel=“nofollow”></a>" in front of it.<br>
<pre><a href=“Gamertag sharing thread [XBL metatag is ‘SkullgirlsSRK’]” target="_blank" rel=“nofollow”>Gamertag sharing thread [XBL metatag is ‘SkullgirlsSRK’]</a>
<pre><a href=“Gamertag sharing thread [XBL metatag is ‘SkullgirlsSRK’] target=”_blank" rel=“nofollow”>Gamertag sharing thread [XBL metatag is ‘SkullgirlsSRK’]
Easy peasy!<br>
<b>Q: I started to make a post, but I changed my mind. Why is it still there?</b><br>
A: It has to do with the new auto-save draft feature. If you’ve ever lost a “wall-o-text” when your browser crashed or you accidentally clicked back, this is a godsend. Sometimes it causes problems, though. If you have a stuck draft saved on your text box, delete the text, and then put a single period in the post and click “save draft.” It saves over the text, and if nothing else you’ve at least got a good head start on proper punctuation for your next post. <img src="/plugins/Emotify/design/images/10.gif" alt=":p" title=":p" class=“bbcode_smiley” height="" width=""><br>
<b>Q: The (x) thread is missing from the (y) section. Can someone move it?</b><br>
A: The admins had to filter several thousand databases containing millions of posts. It got a little wonky, and there are glitches. They’re sorting it out, but that takes time. Patience is appreciated! <img src="/plugins/Emotify/design/images/1.gif" alt=":)" title=":)" class=“bbcode_smiley” height="" width=""><br><br><b>UPDATE 2/16!</b> From the higher-ups: “We should be able to fix it on Thursday of the upcoming week. There are
some caching problems on this server, so they have to step in and
correct it.”<br>
<b>Q: Is there a way to delete a post?</b><br>
A:Not right now. You can edit posts, so feel free to just edit your post and say something like “nvm, please delete this post” or something of the sort.<br>
<b>Q: Why did the forums change?</b><br>
A: The servers that SRK had been hosted on for years could no longer handle the load from all the traffic we were getting. The people who made Xenforo have been in legal troubles since 2010 and the development cycles have gotten shaky. Vanilla Forums handles both the forum hosting AND the software, so it’s a pretty good value. This is just an educated guess, though, as I’m just a moderator trying to field all the complaints/questions/etc so the admins can work all the kinks out without being interrupted.<br><br><b>Q: Did we lose our watched threads?</b><br>A: Sadly, yes. The older method of tracking threads was not able to be
converted to the newer style, called Bookmarks. If you click the star
next to the opening post (or while you’re browsing the forum list) you
can start tracking threads that way.<br><br><br>
Anywho, if you guys have any more questions, feel free to ask and I’ll try to answer as quickly as I can.

It makes me feel better that there is at least some kind of answer to our feedback, despite some answers just calling for patience. This way I know I’m being heard while I writhe in pain from the new vanilla format.

As I said in another thread, this can be easily automated with a rewrite rule in htaccess. Because cool URI’s dont change ! :slight_smile:

Oh I agree completely, and I really hope that suggestion is being seriously reviewed. The solution I found fixes the problem right now, though, and requires no more work on our (already taxed) admins. That’s still a really great idea, though.

On the main index page for the various forums, there is an option (via a ‘gear’ prompt) that allows you to “hide” that section/forum.
I’m guessing it’s supposed to function like a sort of collapsible toggle switch to customize a user’s particular viewing preferences, but it seems that there isn’t a way to restore it back to normal, non-hidden status, unless I’m missing something?

Also, I noticed that there are ‘gear’ prompts in regards to stickied threads that allow the thread to be “dismissed” (possibly removed from normal viewing, relative to user) from their position at the top of that particular forum.
What would be the function of the “dismiss” option for forum users?

Duckie - Thank you for this! I legitimately can’t find where to edit my signature. When you have a second please add that one to the list.

I’ve [written this up about the post feedback options](A guide to interpreting the slew of new feedback options on posts which might be helpful to incorporate into this, as I’ve seen a number of people asking (in particular, in the thread that was deleted just yesterday).

Are they really doing something to give us bigger avatars or should I keep dreaming?

I’m still trying to figure all that out myself. I’ll look around and see what I can find.

It’s one of the things that have yet to be turned on.

That IS helpful, but I like this one a little better. :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s being worked on, too.

But never stop dreaming. I-)

It’s obvious from your response that the following feedback buttons are still missing:

[]Like more than
]Like less than

Can we make that happen? :stuck_out_tongue:

It would be awesome if you made a little section at the bottom of OP for posting progress marks, whether or not the progress is obvious.
So whenever you catch words from the admins and shit that “Feature X” has been added, removed, fixed, or modified, you add it to the list and give everyone a little hope that things are actually being worked on. Kinda like the list of updates on the SG patch before it got released.

How do I unhide stuff?

No clue! Still trying to figure that one out myself. I’m trying to search around for the answer, but I’m having a busy day and I’m updating this on my break.

A flag for threads made in wrong section.

No one migrated favicon :frowning:

Is there a way to delete a post? I asked a question in another thread that you covered in this faq, Duckie, but can’t get rid of it.

Why did you change? What were you using before (VB?)

In the end forums are forums and it doesn’t matter, but I always am interested in hearing the reason for switching softwares on a site in production.

Not right now. You can edit posts, so feel free to just edit your post and say something like “nvm, please delete this post” or something of the sort.

The servers that SRK was on could no longer handle the load. The people who made Xenforo have been in legal troubles since 2010 and the development cycles have gotten shaky. Vanilla Forums now handles both the forum hosting and software. It’s a pretty good value. Mind you, this isn’t the explicit reason from the admins (which I don’t know, either), but this is the answer I’d give if I was the admin and asked this question (I’m just a moderator trying to field all the complaints/questions/etc so the admins can work all the kinks out without being interrupted). Call it an educated guess.

These are both good questions, and I’m adding these to the FAQ.

Oh, and about the unhide thing, I haven’t found the answer but I noticed that the Penny Arcade Forums had a similar problem. I’m going to contact their admin and see if he can help us out.

You might want to add this line about Tapatalk. It’s not currently supported by the host.

Added, credited. Thanks!