New Fighting Games For This Year....whats The Deal?!?!?

Ok I’m new here on but been in the fighting game scene for awhile (well I got off of it for awhile and now trying to get back into it; thanks to you judge_rl!!!) and I’m hearing about all these damn fighting games coming out all of a sudden…wtf is up with that? I must be really behind on whats coming out!!! Can ya’ll please give me some sort of scoop on what the deal is with fighting games today?

I saw on one discussion board that SNK and Capcom are going back at it to the teeth releasing their games this year and honestly I’m starting to get siked…like back in the day when I first started playing fighting games and use to get my ass whupped by my cousin lol. But anyway this is what I have a gist of so far:

-I’m hearing about some new VF5 EVO coming out on both PS3 and XBOX360…?

-What the hell is is Guilty Gear Accent Core I keep hearing about? The latest I have is GGX2…

-Yes I’ve heard about Street Fighter 4 I ain’t that damn clueless lol

-Arcana Heart??? What is this???

-KOFXII??? I saw the little footage on youtube and it looks hot but I just got KOFXI! I mean damn can I learn this one first?

-Blazblue??? What? When? Where? WHY???

-And I know about Tekken 6; haven’t really got into Tekken since Tekken 4 that was the last good one to me (I know I’m gonna get hate mail on that)

Can some of ya’ll enlighten me on whats going on…supposedly this year is suppose to be the king of fighting games (and adventure games…but this is SRK so fuck that!!!):woot:

The latest update to GGXX, after Slash.

A fighting game by Examu with huge stages, long ass loops and an all girl cast. Currently only available as an import title but being brought to the US by Atlus.

You’ll have plenty of time to learn XI

The newest title announced by Arc System Works, a spiritual successor of sorts to Guilty Gear. Maybe check out the huge threads for each of these games ?

What’s the best system to get that will play ALL of these fighting games?

^A PS3 would probably be your best bet, I wouldn’t bother with 360 (the D-Pad feels weird IMO)

Yeah I’m wondering that as well catchafire… I want to get a next gen system by the end of the year but they both seem to be getting the same games. Which is more likely to get better exclusives? I don’t play Tekken anymore, so Tekken 6 isn’t really a factor for me…

Betting most of these games will end up on ps3.

If you care about online play get 360.
If you don’t care about online play as much get a ps3.

Large and well made online community is the only advantage 360 offers fighting games. You have more stick options with a ps3(easier to get ps1/2 sticks to work with it) ps3 will probably get the titles that don’t have mainstream established franchises here in the states(blazeblue,arcana heart meltyblood) While I would think it is a good bet that established franchises here in the states will see their games also on 360(street fighter 4/kof12 already getting soul calibur 4)

So, Really gotta wonder what you want. A lot of people who play fighters online probably already have a 360, It seems like the xbox live boards have a lot more activity than the ps3 ones.

So that is basically all that it boils down to. Online play. If you think it will be important to you get a 360. If not just get a ps3.

PS3 = region free most fighters just get JP releases.

Appreciate the enlightenment thanks!