New fighter

I’m pretty new to old school SF style fighters, but am really enjoying the challenge. I’m learning my preferences rather quickly but…I’ve also found sort of a huge weakness… I get murdered by heavy characters. Hulk & zangeif in MvsC. Juzoh in last blade 2. etc. could anyone give me a few tips for handling these types? (I tend to use lighter weight characters by the way…hence the getting dominated by behemoths)

Grapplers/big characters usually can only do their big damage from close range, so you have to keep them away, using your long-range attacks and pokes to keep them out. The struggle of keeping out the other player out versus them trying to get in is one of the most fundamental aspects of 2D fighting games.

If you tell us what character(s) you usually play with and in which games in particular you’re having trouble, we can offer more specific advice.

Well at the moment I’m using setsuna in Last Blade 2 vs Juzoh. Though this is a frequent problem for me in other games. the only time i think ive managed was in mark of wolves vs tirzoc. I used hotaru in that game. as for MvsC I use strider hiryu mostly. I could keep going but you get the idea I think.

keep them zoned out. They have to get in to do their big damage.