New FG player starting off with SF4AE. Where do I start?

I guess I should put some sort of intro here. I started playing SF4 a few weeks ago and I ran Akuma because I watched a bunch of tournaments/events and Akuma seemed appealing to me (not sure if I should be doing another character as Akuma might be a bit too difficult? Maybe Cammy/Ryu? Idk) and I’ve been running with him. I am new to a lot of the terminology players here say so I am *very *new to FGs like SF4.

Also I am getting ready for a tournament (TX Showdown) and attempting to at least win a round (lol), so I am going to attempt practicing a lot mainly in the weekends though.

But I am confused on where the hell I start to learn how matches play and how to get better

You can read up on a lot of terminology here: The SRK Glossary - WIP
Or the SRK wiki:
You can also check out the Akuma subsection…

You can also start going to local gatherings…I’m sure there plenty of players in your area training for TX showdown as well and would be willing to help if you are willing to learn.

The best advice I can give, is the advice I received when I first started playing: Just play.

Seriously, find or make a local group, and just play a lot and make some friends/enemies/frenemies. Don’t worry about getting things perfect, nailing complicated combos, gaining a shit ton of battle points, or tier lists. Especially tier lists. People use those things as crutches when they first start out and can’t explain why they’re constantly getting their ass beaten. Point is, pick a character or two you like and have fun.

Good luck padawan.

Trials mode was my best friend when i started street fighter. Its really good practice and gets you familiar with the mechanics of the game.

Don’t just play online. Go to weekly gatherings and events, regularly if possible. There’s a lot of resources for beginners on SRK, so be sure to read through them.

Will take all the tips and info to good use :slight_smile:

And yeah I’m planning on going to some weeklies soon, sucks though that they are kinda far for me but oh well

Picking up Akuma as a first character is a pretty daunting challenge.

Which is fine, because Akuma is totally rad. However be prepared to lose A LOT until your game tightens up.

Look me up in the Akuma forum and I will give my best insight as someone who also picked up Akuma as their first in this game.

Yeah I am already getting my ass kicked by using him, lol

And will do!