New England Fighting Game Community (NEFGC) - Was MFC

Update: MFC has evolved into — NEFGC (New England Fighting Game Community - Not Nebraska!) (… I think)
This is due to the fact that the community now has members from other states, including Connecticut, New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont and Rhode Island.

After looking through the other threads for information, I’ve decided to form a general thread addressing the MA NE fighting game scene - if only to stop others from posting new threads and such. In short, I’ll probably be lifting information from the MFC NEFGC’s Facebook page and putting it on SRK for advertisement. Updates may include, but are not limited to, tournaments, stream links, news, etc. Hopefully, this doesn’t turn out to be a bad idea.

MFC NEFGC Facebook (closed) group link: (same link)

Current scenes:

Game Underground

Game Underground is pretty much the biggest venue in Massachusetts right now. It recently moved inside, by Newbury Comics and the future Wegmans; it hosts a variety of arcade machines and cabinets, from rhythm games to racing games and more. Come drop by! Meets at 7pm on Fridays.

1245 Worcester St #1094, Natick, MA 01760 (Natick Mall) (Central Mass)
–Games played: All Current Games
–Smash on Sundays (I think)

[s]NUFGC : Thursdays: 8:00pm, Saturday @ 3:00pm

Northeastern University, Boston MA. (East MA)
–Games played: Street Fighter V, Guilty Gear Xrd: Revelator/Sign

NUFGC - on hiatus at the moment

Noho Dojo

No idea, please check their FB page. They’re located in Northampton, MA (West MA)
–Games played: Street Fighter V

Lawrence-Lowell FGC

El Taller, 275 Essex St, Lawrence MA (2nd Floor) (North MA - South NH)
*Typically meets Mondays
–Games played: Street Fighter V

Platinum City Gaming

Taunton, MA (South MA)
–Games played: Street Fighter V

Round 1

2 Galleria Mall Dr, Taunton, MA (Southern Mass)
Open: 11:00am - 01:00am
An Arcade. Technically not an official scene, but people do play there.
*Actually, I don’t know if this is currently active

Boston Anime FGC

Boston, MA (East Mass)
–Games played: Blazblue Central Fiction, Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2, KOF
The anime community for Massachusetts, despite its name. Hosts a monthly in Fenway, Boston, MA.

Live Free or Fight

Jetpack Comics, Rochester, New Hampshire (New Hampshire)

The New Hampshire community, they occasionally host events too.

Great Value Smash - The Grid

52 Purnell Pl, Manchester, CT (North-Central Connecticut)
Despite their name, they also have events for Street Fighter V and Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2.

Havenshine Gaming

Rhode Island
Usually meets Sundays.
–Games: Street Fighter V, Smash, Injustice

And let’s not forget the [Traveling Controller**, Lucky D’s official company, where he personally travels to FGC scenes and provides equipment such as monitors/consoles/hype.

I will probably update* this post later when I remember other scenes and the like. There’s another Rhode Island scene that does have anime as well, but I don’t have the link (sorry). Also, there’s a dedicated Boston Tekken, Boston Injustice FB page - but I don’t have the links at the moment, so~~

The NEFGC members are also on Discord as well! While you can find each discord in the appropriate FB link, you can request them via PM or a post here. Though… I might get back to you on time.

*Updates are rare and far between.

Either PM or post here for more information.

I’m starting a bi-weekly casuals session at my apartment, starting on September 16th. There seems to be either a dearth of Capcom players in the Pioneer Valley/Western Massachusetts, or there’s really nowhere for them to play. There’s the Quarters in Hadley, but they only have one ST cab that gets switched out occasionally for 3S or MVC2. And, that place doesn’t have a hardcore scene. So I’m creating a gathering spot for people to get games in, get better, make rivals, and build a scene. Hit me up for location details!

I’m posting this wherever I can to get catch more eyes. If you can spread the word, please!

@MVK Are you part of the MFC FB group?

@Epi Yeah, I just got approved. I’m putting up a post right after I reply to this. Thanks for the heads up!

The First Noho Dojo Sparring Session is tonight from 7pm-10pm. For anyone interested, please hit me up for location details since it is taking place at my apartment! Come down, get better, make a rival, and build a scene!

Good luck!

The next Noho Dojo Session is this Wednesday, September 30th! Our last sessions was a success with 11 players showing up, and this time we’ll be streaming! Come through to get some games in! Hit me up for location details!

I’m starting a monthly for anime FGs in Boston. Dates and locations are TBD at the moment, but we have a Facebook group and a Discord channel
FB group:
Discord chat:

We’ll be playing BlazBlue, Guilty Gear, UNIEL, and possibly others.

Because someone told me to, I’ma update the OP - We got lots of events and new places over the year. :slight_smile:

Whoa whoa, quarters has a 3s machine?? Last time I went they only had a broken MvC2. That’s super exciting news!

Anything going on Tuesday nights near Waltham?

Are the Noho Dojo casuals still a thing? Haven’t seen any posts on their FB page in a long while.

Updated with recent events and scenes. This is not necromancy.

So now that noho dojo is dead is there anything left alive in western MA? I can’t check any of the facebook BS.

I don’t know if you have still yet to find a new place but I run a small little community of my own. We run out of the Berkshire Mall in Lanesborough. We mainly play Smash Bros. However, I would love to start runnning more Street Fighter V/BlazBlue Cross Tag/Dragon Ball FighterZ. Just need to get people to come that are interested

Yo, anyone been to this Round ! in Maine:

I promise we’re not dead. Come join us next month for more anime!

SFV monthly this weekend too, at the same location.