New Dedicated Community Board

Nhaztaljik is throwing up a new forums, dedicated 100% to sfxt. Link is below!

Why? Copy pasta from his facebook post:

"I know you guys in the community have been working hard to stick out these down times, and a lot of you out there have been told over and over again that if you want this community to change, step up. We got a spark here and there earlier this year, but it seems like there’s nothing building up to EVO. But today, I’m announcing something I’ve gone out of my way to throw together, a new temporary home for this community,

I’ve kept this project a bit of a secret. So let’s explain the motive. A message board will allow us to do much more useful things than just a Facebook group. It’s currently in Beta, and it will take some work to cover up some of the extremely ugly features of the software, but for now - this will be a step forward. It’s much more tailored to our community than the Shoryuken message boards are, and will hopefully encourage activity. I call this a temporary home, because while I wanted to make a more elegant board from scratch, I simply don’t have the time to throw all that together right now, and this delivers on our needs just fine. Just be mindful, that I’m releasing it before implementing all the features I’d like to have. I’d appreciate all of your support to make this thing happen.

Yes there is the downside that you have to register. I’m sorry. Not much I can do to get around that on this platform just yet. If people don’t jump on this because of things like that, that’s fine too. Saves me time I was planning to waste. I know you guys may want something more, but if this doesn’t work, this no reason for anything else to.

What does that mean for the Facebook group? Nothing serious. But a lot of the communication on there can be done through the message board from this point forward. There should be enough forums to cover most of the relevant information. If not, let me know in the suggestions board and we’ll do our best. I am truly excited for this, hope this news encourages you to contribute, and helps give this game the backbone it needs to stay relevant to us for a long time to come.

See you there!"