New CvS2 C.Match from R,D...comment please

New CvS2 Casual Match from R,D…comment please.

Here is CvS2 VS Vids. Location:Dominican Republic latin america…
comment please…:sweat:

A.(kicks) vs K.Alphakid Cas.wmv;6539654;;/fileinfo.html


1st match - Strangest K-groove I’ve seen in a while…he knows all 3 of his characters have DPs, right? …and that a big part of K is JDing things…which he did like twice the whole match.

2nd match - Check what I said about the first match…this guy knows about JDing…but not attacking…ever. Punish that shit or at least hit the guy. Who does hurricane kicks like 6 times in a row…and who gets hit by them as many times? OCVs shouldn’t be happening like this…Oh, and I love the “crazy” mixup at the end.

3rd link is the same match as the 2nd one

nice vids, good to know that R.D also has cvs2 players.

(kicks) you’re funny, 4 throws in a row, LOL
Alphakid’s Cammy is almost like Sarda’s (my friend)

Jochy, needs to train more
hamter, nice Ken, 5 tatsumakis lol, lv2 shoryureppa xx qcb+p, throw…LOL

I guess you messed up with the last archive, it’s the same as the second

good matchs…not that weird…oh and that is one angry ken on the second match…lvl 2 cancel grab is the NEW shit ! :rofl:

thx I will upload the others matchs soon.

there is a little more fun and crazy mix up to.

1st match - Alphakid, your game play needs less whiffing/building bar fighting style and more aggresive/poking, grab someone when they roll, and wake up grab some cause kicks’ blanka grabbed you like a tennis ball and tossed you around.

2nd match Leezy said it all pretty much, also I saw this commonly and I see it in a lot of K-groove nubs on rage, STOP WHIFFING SUPERS CAUSE YOU BAR IS GOING AWAY. If you fought someone who knew how to rc that ken would have alot more health after victory maybe half life range.

Just as 2nd post said, K groove should not work like that…

R,D Casual matchs



R.D casual Vs cvs2…new

:nunchuck: K.g-unit_master_vs_C.Armyt.wmv

K is JDing things…which he did like twice the whole match.

? ? ? ?

BlanCa lol
nice JDs

My Apologies…

Cammy JDed ZERO times before she died…AND didn’t manage to hit her super.
Ryu JDed ONCE against Sak…and TWICE against Blanka.
Sagat JDed ONCE against Blanka…and got his head chomped on 5 times…
and he JDed ZERO times against Bison…without hitting super 4 guaranteed times, but randoming the high tiger shot that didn’t even cause any block damage.

So, I know I have an advantage with the math because I’m asian…but that’s 4 Just Defends over the course of an entire match. My bad, I was off by 2 in my original estimate. :confused: I did say “like twice.” I’ll try to be accurate next time.