New Custom ChainZ Stick

Hey guys I just got done with yet another stick. Its got a Comp stick and Comp convex buttons. It is for sale so if anyone is interested hit me up with a PM or Aim at Swingmanjr69 or just post up. Hope you all like it :clap:

Stik PiX

You just simply out did yourself on this one. Incredible stick from the art down to the blending of colors…but it’s that start and select buttons that are like nothing i’ve ever seen before. Too clean too clean.

Best stick you’ve made can’t wait to see future sticks :clap:
:party: congrats on the great stick

Nice job man. love the art. Very clean.

So clean-looking!

Very nice, indeed!

Thanx guys. I tried something different. With the start and select i used the router tool to make the buttons flush…That way they don’t get pressed accidently by anyone or anything.

Great looking stick, I especially like the way you did the box, btw how much would you charge to make a box and if your willing to make one too.
Nothing fancy just your usual MAS type box, thanks in advance.

Yah i’m willing to make one…It’ll run around 50 bucks shipped…includes art and plexi…predrilled as well…So let me know if you’d like it.

PM sent!

nice stick.

btw does top of the button panel slant like a MAS or arcade? Sticks with no slants bewilder me.

I don’t think there’s a slant on the box, but if you’re interested he’ll make one with a slant

Naw…its a bizatch to make a slant with this type of box…but i AM learning to do that though.

Stick sold but currently taking custom orders…:slight_smile: includes whole sticks or just boxes with art and plexi

Ain’t it the truth! Especially without a mitre saw. I don’t have one of those. Shit takes forever and a day to perfect with just a table saw (and a lot of sanding).

Amen broda

pm sent ChainZ

that looks sharp, and looks to perfect, nice art work

Hey well i haven’t gotten any response from the guy who pmed me about wanting the stick…So it’s back up for sale…i’m asking 120$ shipped…if anyone is interested PM me :\


I wonder where you got that idea?

Good job on that stick. The next tool I’m buying for my shed is a mitre saw.