New comments per page setting: 40 instead of 50

I tweaked this to potentially help our mobile users. It does seem to make pages load faster so far. As always, feel free to PM with feedback.

*shifted to 40 from 25 based upon feedback

Since the question was asked: in this world order, that means threads should reset at 1000 pages (25000 posts).

18 Days Later: 25 posts instead of 50 still sucks.

Roll it back, Prep, 25 comments per page sucks :confused:

Yeah, never been a fan of < 40 PPP.

22 Days later: 25 posts instead of 50 still sucks.

Experimenting with 40 now. I think that’s a better compromise.

What is wrong with 50?

It’s been like that for a while now and I haven’t seen anyone whine about it.

If we had our own option to do it I wouldn’t even care, but to force me to see fewer posts just because is irritating.

Shit, had I my way I’d make it 100 posts per page.

You will not defy the admins with your heinous number of posts.

40 it is.

Trying to improve the mobile experience you giant-monitored monster.

40 is what I was used to before SRK so that works for me.

Clearly 40 is 39 posts too much. We should aim for a 1 to 1 post to page ratio.

Lol bitch, just reduce the amount of shit people are allowed to post.

Sometimes them gifs and videos are way too much.

I can’t do that on the board software side. I don’t know if there’s perfect abstract rules for gifs/videos either. I’ve thought about it. If I knew of a perfect option it’d be in place.

Honestly, I never figured out why people who make forum software don’t just automatically make it so that quoted images are just turned into links.

So now I have to keep on updating my bookmarks to certain posts because it changes what page it’s on every time you decide to change this?

PM me your concern.

concern was already stated. I have several bookmarked posts on SRK that I’ll now have to scour for in topics that are ranging between 91 pages to 181 pages depending on what you set the posts per page at just to update them. Especially when those bookmarks are on my u2b videos so users can find the information that they need in regards to the content of the video.

Just make a decision and stick to it.

Bookmark the post, not the page.

for example. Copy the URL from the “About 2 hours ago” link.

Is there not a way for this to be adjustable on our profiles, so that people that want 50 ppp can do that, and people that want more or less can also do that?

I don’t know the capabilities of Vanilla. I know Invision had this option, so just throwing it out there.