New combo! Blak Hayato twice w/ 1 bar

Not that it’s that important, but…I find this to be very useful!
Make sure u have Cable Projectile Assist

In corner, b+lp,lp,hp,hk,lp,launch,lp,lk,hp,hk,lpGuren XX (after 1 or 2 hits) Plasma Field, Hayato(very fast) call assist, dash+hp lk,lk,hk Black Hayato.

U can also add a j.hp then dash in and start the combo
The Plasma Field should go off just after the second Black Hayato. I was just messing around and then I tried it out… :wgrin: this does death to just about any one u face.

also in corner,dash in lk lk f+hp b+hp lp hp hp, Shiden,(both hits)Plasma field (right after second hit of Shiden), then Otg buffer Shiden then black Hayato(in other words, just just go into black Hayato but put QCF in front of th lp hp).Then, call assist and dash+hp,lk, lk, f+hp, b+hp lp hp hp buffer shiden and black Hayato again. this one is a little easier to me, because the the first otg isn’t coming from so high off the ground, so u don’t really have to time the Shiden XX black hayato…It’s done almost immediately

There’re numerous variations to it tho…I have Black Hayato,-BF-, and Mike Z to thank for them.

Most of u already probably already knew, didn’t u? :rofl: :rofl: