New Chun player looking for Veteran Advice?

Hey Ive been playing Chun on off for about 3 months now and I haven’t gotten anywhere till recently. I’m a Ruf/Box player but I enjoy chun way more. Whats some pro advice for learning her ? I’m really big on Footsies and Mix ups so that’s why I like her ( unless I’m totally wrong ). Like whats her learning curve like,some basic footsies games and How I should approach learning her?

Try asking this in the Q&A thread, there are players there to help.

KK thank you.

Try learning some bnb combos to get the feel of what you should be trying to do. Then when you’re having trouble you can learn which normals will help for those situations so you will know how they apply instead of trying to just use them without knowledge.

I like her links for some reason and Im working on buffering K inputs by slow plinking or pianoing ( like what I do for now is Lk and during the Lk animation piano Hk,Mk so those it during the animation and then when i hit the lk at the end of the piano it comes out because i can time it nicely then i press any two kicks for ex. ) is that kind of right? so it goes ( all crouched btw ) Lk,Hk,MK( both buffered during Lk animation ) Lk,2k for a Lk,Lk,Ex legs link.

I think that’s an option select too, I need to get into the habit of doing that more.