New "Categories" sorting

I’ve been thinking about how to better organize the SRK Categories list for a while. Newbie Saikyo Dojo is very important, Tech Talk is one of the most useful forums, and the FGD/GD bonding/quarrelling is important. I think the new organization I just put in place makes sense. Chiefly it consolidates all the official Evo games (+ MvCI) in one group, and pushes all matchmaking together. That seemed to be the most logical grouping. Feel free to PM me feedback.

The Newbie Saikyo Dojo looks empty…

Fixed and rejiggered.

Are you going to resort this every year as EVO changes?

Might be a good idea to put Blazblue and Xrd in the same subforum, especially since both games are at EVO

Also we still can’t “mute”/hide subforums, which results in main page being cluttered

How about an Injustice 2 section? Or maybe an NRS section. I realize Test Your Might exists, but SRK has more personality.

There’s an Injustice section already and MKX is dead anyway

Pfft not while I’m here…Still learning like the grasshopper I am.

This shit is trash. I gotta scroll all the way down to GD, the shining jewel of SRK.

Yes. There is an Injustice section. Not an Injustice 2 section. Not the same thing. Although I suppose since this thread was made, everything has been consolidated.

For games that need their own section, show me that they need their own section by having several threads for each game in their subforum, then PM me. I’m not adverse to it.

That’s loosely the plan. Post-Evo, those games wouldn’t be known to be part of the ECS, so that’d be the logical choice. For right now: if you’re going to Evo it would make sense to know more about the various games.