New Cabinet Build

This is the Continued project from My fight Stick.

I was having fun playing with this new stick for my 360 and missed playing on my cabinet. So after looking at some of the builds here Decided to start one of my own.

it is a sit down. Taking Queues from the Vewlix Cabinet. I pulled alot of my reading from Krylix blog build and
B15SDM Custom Vewlix.

I am not near the Wood craftsmanship these two are. But I gave it a go anyways.

Installed will be a 32" 1080p LCD, With an Xbox360 and Mame machine.
Later on when more cash comes in I will make a dedicated Controller for the cabinet. Since my controller was not scaled around a cabinet install. And I want to do a thin 17-19" Vertical Pacman cabinet in this same style.
So far I only have $46 invested in this Cabinet build!! most supplies are left over from Controller.

I am missing a few pics of the early stuff.

Monitor mount and front panels installed. (missing the pic with monitor IN the cabinet)

My stick in Place on its new Home. Finished all the cutting and patching.

First base test coat finished.

Side Profile

looks nice so far.

nice build so far. nice bike too.

coming along nicely.

Ok Cabinet is 90% Finished.
Still need to Pick up the Plexiglass that will cover the monitor and Make up the Marquee on top. I wanted a shorter Marquee the Vewlix one is too high for where this will finally rest. And will make some doors for the underneath.
I wanted to do the Nice Big Beveled edges like the Vewlix, But the Router bit was $30+ and the router was $120+ that was too much for this project. later on I can add more mdf to make the sides thicker and route it out.

My Current stick sits alittle high. But in a few weeks I want to build one FOR THE CABINET that will be lower profile and match the cabinet style.

Question. I was looking at the p360 Board to control my new panel. So it does the Xbox360 and PC. Does anyone know what it will take to also work my Dreamcast?

p360 will not work on the dreamcast, you could dual mod the p360 (or other PCB) with a MC Cthulhu which has Dreamcast support.

Update. Just finished the Design for my Marquee.

In the spot where there would be speakers I put the marquee. The extra room on top was removed to place cabinet under a shelf in its final location. The full sized Vewlix was getting to be the same height as a full size cabinet.

minus the tools, how much did it cost for you to build the cabinet?

Thats looking nice :slight_smile: have real fun with it!