New Braunfels, Texas: The Middle Man

Hey guys, its the D Pad! Its been awhile since we have had time to checkout the forums and keep up with the fighting game community. I wanted to make this thread in hopes of getting information and feedback on how I can get my Lan-Center to be the stomping grounds/middle man for Austin and San Antonio. We have held tournaments before and I myself(one of the owners) play and have travel out to other events/tournaments, so we are familiar with how awesome and fun you guys are.(also how salty) Fighting games are one of the few things I personally enjoy playing, so I would like to see how I can help the community grow, whether it would be hosting tournaments, fight nights, ranbats, or streaming events on our HD projector screens. I think we have a great opportunity to help strengthen the Texas FGC, so I look forward to the feedback/information from you guys!

So far from what I’ve experienced, I’ve seen at least one person play Marvel 3 whenever I come into your store (I play Blitz all the time) so that tells me that there are at least some players out in New Braunfels but I’m not sure if that area has any gatherings to go to. So if word gets out, then maybe weekly gatherings for a Fight Night in the game room area, even have 3rd Strike on Free Play or something. Because the only major FGC area in Texas I can think of (from experience) is in the northwest side of San Anotnio. Only about five or six (including me) are in the northeast and we don’t really have any gatherings to go to and meet up with other players.

Is this play still open? I’m in SM but I’d go to NB to play Marvel 3.

Yeah it’s open until like 10:30PM or 10PM if I can remember.

Hey guys, sorry for not keeping up with this on a regular basis :confused: We have had a bit more luck posting on the 210 fighters facebook page. Glad to see what got some replies on here! I think there are a decent amount of people playing fighting games in the Nb San Marcos area, and if we can get enough people I would love to host a fight night at our shop. Until we get something like that setup we do host a fight night at Slick Willies in San Antonio.

I’d go to a fight night.

I would go to Slick’s but its too far from where I live, hopefully you guys can get a setup over at your store because I’d love to go to a fight night there!