New Blanka player looking for some help

Hey Blanka forum! I’m here because I’m attempting to learn the green beast for 2012. I’ve been playing Street Fighter 4 for about 8 months (AE the whole time), and I’m jumping from Dhalsim right now. I have a question for beginning my Blanka training. Where do I start? I’ve been dabbling with him now for a few days and have just been messing with some real basic combos and trying to get some mix-ups figured out, but where do I really need to go? What combos should I definitely know? What’s the best way to approach opponents in general with him? Also, as a very new and young player, how do I ease in to using a new character? Any help on beginning Blanka would be appreciated. Whether it’s things you did personally to get going or just tips in general, I’ll use it! I’m on PSN as EarthRyno and wouldn’t oppose anyone that would want to help me out online. Thanks in advance!

WOW! This is amazing!!! This helps a lot! Thanks!

If you have any specific questions feel free to ask them in the Q&A or chat about anything thread.

2 things I’ll say for now is watch how the very good Blanka players like Nishikin, Taku, and Mizoteru open people up and learn how to do electricity cancels ASAP.

Can do! Sorry if this forum is very particular about extra threads being made.

It keeps the good threads on the first page, that’s all man.