New beginners guide

we need a guide that reflects our bottom/trash tier status. I have zero clue what I’m doing. I can’t open people up. Just down back. Jab if you see purple. People won’t stop jumping and doing these brainless auto loops. Can we get a bison for complete dumb asses?

How do you stop someone from getting the life lead and then running away? What about the non stop jabbing?

Is it even possible to react to throws and command grabs or is this purely a guessing game?

With all the threads and tech in here u shouldn’t have a problem finding ur answers. I’m new to the game and with this community am working my way to silver status. With reading and practice u should be able to make progress

I don’t know who you are playing that has life lead and turtle. People I play don’t give a shit and attack bison all day. As for command grabs you cant do shit without an invinsible reversal. Throws you have to guess just like you have to guess when you’re on the ground.

So I’m hovering at the silver line up some down some and I lose to aimless button pushing too. It’s like the worst people at sfiv are the best players at sfv cuz at my level is a masher game. Basically I’m just working on neutral game footsies and fundamentals and not even worrying about big combos. Just get the basics down and go from there. Rank is just a number it will go up as u get better. And if u can’t win at ur rank u can’t win at higher ranks and don’t deserve to be there

I’ve been learning bison and I think I am definitely out of the beginner level now.

Here’s my tips

  1. Bison ground to air anti air options sucks. D+HP is distance limited and relatively slow
  2. Air to air is better UB+lp get you out of everything as long as they aren’t doing it during your wakeup, if they jump at you during neutral game there’s no reason why you should get hit out of ub+lp. Of course he’s got other and better options.
  3. Since bison doesn’t have a get off me move v reversal is extra important
  4. Don’t always think of v trigger, sometimes it’s better to save those v gauge for v reversal especially when you don’t have ex meter v trigger is extra weak, so might as well save it.
  5. In this game nearly everyone’s risk vs reward for anti air sucks. Bisons with his jump, stomp, devils reverse, aerial super, v trigger stomp, devils reverse and all the above ex options makes it hard for people to reliably anti air you.
  6. Make them fear your ground game so you can jump in on them easier
  7. Neutral jump is strong for bison because he’s got u+HP, u+HK, u+Mk all have their use
  8. If they don’t neutral jump themselves you can play sfiv style and do scissor kick pressure
    Gtg maybe add more later

Since I’ve posted this thread I’ve focused and put in more effort towards watching replays of my losses finding the common issue and working on it. I can now punish rashids and their flying antics. Mika’s Irish whip unsafe and can be X lk scissors with options for follow up pressure. I also learned that characters with invincible reversals and 3 frame jabs can break thru a lot of normal stuff like into, but I can do the same to ryu’s f.HP. Mental attitude has been more of every match there is always something to learn so wins and losses don’t bother me now. Losses in fact are something to learn big time from in training mode.

I also realize that the information already existed on the forums. i just didn’t know how to apply it. I think I have a better idea now. Thanks guys

Congrats jmouse. Glad to hear about the improvement

I think a big part of playing any fighting game that i have learn in the past 20 years of playing (yes im old) is really just forming a strategy before the round start from there you see if you need to adapt and form new ones on the go.

If youre going in with no gameplan you’re basically racing a car without really knowing wheres the destination, you might get lucky once inawhile but against veterans you’ll lose more than you win