New Beginners Guide for anyone who wants to play Evil Ryu

Finished writing this myself. hope you find it useful

Hitbox info also? Daaaamn good stuff lol.

This is me just nit picking about the graphics LOL (I’m extremely mean). But I think the cover page Kanji symbol is kinda low res and I think the stroke around it looks pretty noticeable (if that is an inner stroke, it might be apart of the graphic). The Evil Ryu render seems a little choppy. I think you used the magic wand tool on it and it’s honestly really difficult to get it right. Even if I use the polygon lasso tool it’ll take a lot of work to get it perfect.

I exported it at low res to cut down the size. lol.

Wow did not expect it to look really professional! Nice job man, wish it was available when I started with E.Ryu.

Nicely done man.

This guide is great. Nice work! Should be on the frontpage

Good guide

kitasenjuDJ vs ebihara 【FT10】

KitasenjuDJ is Strongest Deejey in Japan
Ebihara is strongest Ibuki in Japan

the frame (dis)advantage values on M.axe kick is reversed.
It should be +4 on hit and -2 on block, not the other way around.

minor nit pick but I find the basic combo chart using icons a bit hard to read at glance.

good guide tho.

*edit: gah it was a necro post.

Thank you guys for the comments. Much appreciated

This is very useful! Bookmarked.

Can you make this to download?

Great guide. Bookmarked!

this is really good, but it might need an update, isnt eroo’s health 900 rather than 950 nowadays?