New Avatar, again

Um, yea, Can someone do me that favor and give me a Avatar of Balrog of his Sprite when he is dizzy and have him like gawkin’ at this chick right here

Cool avatar! :smiley:

The one I have or the one Im askin’ for???

I guess this is Too much to Ask for…:bluu:

give me a sprite, and i guess i’ll do it

just do me a favor… take that avatar u have and get rid of it right now… i hate that avatar (i made it - and it’s shit)

thanks, peace

It’s better than any Av I could ever do!:lol:

dude, i actually asked u for an av, cuz honestly, i think ur better than me…

those are teh ones i was happy with

you did!?

dude trust me, you are ALOT better than me!:lol:

Stop using that outer glow on your text. That might help. Not only that, it seems to be the SAME outer glow color everytime, which gives me the impression that you dont play around enough with the program’s options.

only five of my avs total have outter glow on the text (7 if u count the banner and the RTSD sig… the rest i usually use stroke, or some, that’s the way the font looks, where they’re just an outline, and then i fill it in.

i stopped using the glow on the sprites though… i usually use it for effects, like if i’m making a line or something, that’s supposed to be a beam of light or a laser or something… see the lines that i did in my last few?

i’m stil a noob, so what i’m doing is figuring more shit out, and as i figure it out, i just realy fill it in and do as i please with it, until i get bored… then i’ll just put it into my normal style on the occassion.

ATHAN: check your thread dude

outer glow rules…

MASTER OF MAGS, pick up in my thread