*New Av request*

Okay I would like the character in my current avatar to be placed running from various characters in various situations.

However you want it all up to u.

ttt /4chars


Before anyone is going to consider this you need to be a bit more specific. You should decide what character you want him to run from and then supply the pictures. The less “hunting” the more likely it is to get picked up.

I would consider it, but I hate doing animations. So, I’m not going to do it.

Sorry, and good luck

Truth has been spoken right there… yeah I did choose to do this request, but then again luckily for you(Kisame), I have no life :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: (and a well organised sprite DB)




(difference in the two images is just timing) oh, and more than 3 extra characters just looks crap.

Damn .dub., 2nd one is sick. Lmao at the tiny naruto.

thats awesome lol.

the reason I didnt supply any specifics because I wanted the av creator to do it at his own leisure and creative process.

anyone else got one in mind.

^ ur only allowed one then 2 weeks later after wearin it u can get a new one