New Artwork

I’ve been doing more graphic work recently. Figured I’d share a couple of them.

Excellent!!!.. I love them all!.. Is this type of art a “graphic design”?.. I guess because it incorporates both drawings and type… I’d still consider/label the top four as illustrations!.. The last one is definitely a pop-art style!.. Fantastic stuff!..

Thanks. Glad you like it.

And I’m always a little unclear about categories: I usually label anything compiled within a computer to be graphic. But yeah. These all started with pencil and paper, excluding the last, so illustration is more accurate.

Fantastic stuff!

Thanks, Mr. Fist.

As far as I’ve been taught, anything with illustration and type is a graphic art (whether it’s done in a computer or by print alone)… You should definitely get a magazine job of some sort…

Seriously man, your stuff is for keeps!.. :lovin: I’ve always loved these kinds of artworks…

love it. how’s it colored? photoshop?

Yeah. I mostly sketch it on paper, scan it in, then do color and sometimes texturing in photoshop. Pretty simple process, really.

But thanks for checking these out, guys. Glad you like them.

I would say these are more illustrations than graphics as well. The easy way to tell is that illustrations stress subject while graphics stress utilitarian.

very nice

I especially like the last one with the…uh…blood rainbow

these are very nice… I’m really enjoying your style.
“come to hell” lol

It’s bizarre as it fantastic.

Post some more :slight_smile: Hopefully you’ll lend your skills to the next art challenge

Thanks, folks. Feedback’s always fun, so I appreciate you checking them out and responding.

And I’ve definitely got more. Here are some more pieces compiled with photoshop:

These are all paint and pencil and such (no photoshop):

i hate you.

will you go out with me?

Sure. And I put out.

Here’s another new one, for whoever’s interested:

wow dood that last one is amazing I can imagine that on the cover of some rock/punk band cd.

A very colorful, yet dark style. Remind’s me of Marilyn Manson’s paintings [that’s not a bad thing, he has very abstract dark art that’s quite interesting as well.

Thanks, guys. It’s a flyer/advertisement for some DJs, so I’m glad those things come across.

And here’s one that I finished yesterday. It’s another flyer/ad, only this one’s for a birthday party:

I can see your drawings being put on t-shirts, like the style is really that good