New arcade stick user

Recently converted from pad to stick and wanted some help. Reason to i’m asking for assistant in this forum is because i’m picking up Akuma.
To start with i would like to know from basic stick learning to advance . For instance with Akuma what would be the basic things to start with. What would be the best button set up for him. Easy ways around stuff.
Please help i’m really

This should help, but learning stick takes time and there are lots of different ways to use one. For most people it comes down to what your are comfortable with.

These videos I linked will show you basic stuff, but also shows things like Plinking and Option Selects.

I’m in the same boat. Try to do moves in quick movements without thinking too much about them. When I started learning stick the hardest thing to do was a air fireball. Learn to just flick your hand in the general direction of what you want to do. Don’t worry about getting the exact movements down. Learn what the stick can give you with minimal effort and go from there. You don’t have to hit the corners of the “gate” on the stick for movements to register. Now I actually can’t play without a stick. Movements feel like they come out way faster.

I’m about a week into my stick switch. I’m definitely 10 times better than I was on day one (lol, not even able to do a fireball at first, let alone an air fireball).

Is there anything you did specially that helped you improve on the stick? Like did you practice certain things, or a certain way (I’m having trouble with air fireballs too for example)? I know being a week in, it’s foolish to think I should be as good as I was (which wasn’t anything special, but it was nice to be there), but I’d like to speed up the process and ease my pain as much as possible.

Just thinking about this taking another 3 to 5 weeks to be adjusted hurts…

It took me about 2 weeks to fully get used to my stick and get used to the level I was at on a pad, it may take a bit more time for others, I’m usually quite quick at picking this sort of stuff up. Also, don’t be disheartened if you can’t do a lot of the things you could before. Take things slowly and one at a time. Before you hop on any 1v1 battles, just go in Training Mode and do SRK’s constantly, start at one end of the screen and keep going until you get to the other side. If you mess up, go back to the beginning and start again. Repeat this so you can go from left to right and right to left in one take and then hop online. That’s what I did, as the SRK motion was the biggest problem I had when moving over to the stick. Air fireballs are kinda weird, I now find I can do them super quick, I think it’ll just come naturally, seeing as the more you use them the quicker you will become at doing it. FADC’s are much easier on a stick though I must say, although I’d hold back on practicing them for now if you are only in the beginning stages of using the stick.

But just remember, I think it is WELL worth learning the stick so just hold out for a good 3-4 weeks and you’ll soon start enjoying it :slight_smile:


If you mean Tiger Knee air fireballs, you can do it the old way :qcf::uf::p:. I can do it that way maybe 80% of the time.

You can also try this way :qcf::uf::f::df::p:. Doing it this way I’m around 95%, but you wont get as low to the ground as the old method(unless you do it REALLY fast).

I also use :qcb::ub::u::uf::f::df::k: to do Juri’s Instant air dive kick with a higher success rate(Juri is my Alt). The timing with the old method seems odd to me(a lot of times I just get jumping kick).

looking to find an akuma teacher add me on xbl xXx2 SliickxXx

Here’s what helps:


That’s it.


Yes, time is the main thing that’s going to make you better, but it is important to establish proper fundamentals and good habits at the beginning of your transition. As it is extremely difficult for some people to break bad habits. I think this guy was looking for some tips to help him establish tricks and techniques while establishing his muscle memory.

well you have to learn how to hold the stick with your left hand & be able 2 execute your moves i hold the stick between my ring finger & pinky & i cup the ball wit da remaining fingers or u can use the wine glass method you can hold the stick between ya middle finger & ring finger & cup the ball with da remaining fingers theres multiple ways to hold the stick wht ever works for you bro add me on xbl if you have it i’m trying to re-learn akuma myself my gt is xXx2 SliickxXx

I’ve always played Fighting Games with a stick. The only exception being the Sega Genesis version of SFII. That being said, I recently had to buy a new stick (old one broke) and I find a lot of things I have to “re-practice” because it feels different…

Maybe it’s just me, but the stick itself feels… Looser… I remember seeing a video (I think it was LOLtima) who suggested buying a spring to stiffen the joystick up a bit. Think I’m going to have to do that for this stick because I’m just sloppy right now.

When I first got my stick I messed up a lot of inputs, I just went into practice mode and threw hadokens over and over until I could do 10 in a row from each side. Repeat for other specials (putting the AI on block and just shoryuken > fadc > shoryuken, for example, is faster so you dont keep whiffing) and supers, ultras, etc. It’s rote and it’s boring but it does the job.

I have my stick for 6 months now.
The things I’m customizing is the gate, I have both square and octo and I feel like spending time using them both really helps.
I did customize the actuator to make it less thin, main advantage is the movement are way shorter to reach the edge of the gate, main drawback the diagonal is harder to register if you don’t push it really to the edge. I did put an additional spring to.
In combinaison with the octo gate (witch is already a bit smaller than the square one) it can be a pain to combo into a simple fireball cause you often miss the :db: or :df: .
The octagonal gate help you a lot when you’re in a week when you have issues switching crouch block and standing one. The octo is perfect for that. Once you’re good with that, unfortunately you’ll start to experience the “impossible to reach :uf: or :ub:” when you try a move like :d: :df: :f: :uf: the feeling of :f: is too close to :uf: so you miss a lot.
Go back to square gate and you’ll finally play better because your muscles will remind the right positions for blocking you trained earlier with the octogonal gate.

I really like the actuator trick with tape around to make it wider, the stick only travel 1cm to reach the edge at most. Super fast dashes if you can release to neutral between the 2 :f: , I fail at this so bad…
The only thing I dream about is a stick pcb with true diagonal sensor because this diagonal issue made me reopen my stick so many time to retape the actuator and find the best size for it…

For my stick, I replaced the “MadCatz” SANWA parts that came with the MadCatz TE and got real SANWA parts from I also added a 2nd spring, but the one I was recomended (The Semitsu LS-32 spring), didn’t really help at all. So what I did is I used the spring from the original joystick that came with my MadCatz SSF4 TE stick. This makes the actual joystick stiffer and releasing it (like when you need to put the joystick back to neutral) doesn’t generate unwanted inputs.
Because both springs are actually the same size, it’s kinda tricky to get them to combine properly so that they fit back under the plastic cap at the bottom of the joystick shaft. What I did is a slid them into each other side by side, then I slightly “twisted” them until they were almost flush (both on top and on the sides).

It’s really amazing how much more precise my inputs have become since I modified the joystick this way. I recomend that anyone with problems with “random inputs” when playing with their joystick try this.

I found playing Pac Man Championship Edition DX to be a God send while learning stick.
( Can be downloaded in the XBL and PSN online store 3-5$ )
Even tho it is a 4 way game I find it dose a perfect job at simultaneously engaging your brain, muscle memory, stick movement & reaction time. Another great quality of this game as a training aid for learning stick, is it starts of slow and then picks up in speed as you “successfully” improve your score. If you make a mistakes the game just slows down for a bit and then picks back up where you left off

The games 4 way simplicity, isolates certain aspects of the stick itself preventing you from becoming overwhelmed and depressed. To make things even better the game keeps high scores (as we all know) but in this case your high score is literally your lvl of input and reaction improvement. The only catch is you MUST HOLD THE STICK AS PROPERLY IF YOUR PLAYING YOUR FIGHTER NOT PAC MAN.
Set a fair high score before you start on your fighter then the next day beat your last high score – repeat this day to day be sure to keep your sessions brief
You will be amazed at how easy it is to beat your last high score – proof that your brain is shifting in line with your stick. You may also be amazed at how addictive Pac Man DX is

Save yourself the stress of wondering If it’s you or the stick buy a new stick or at LEAST a new replacement JLF, Simitsu or ( Fanta which only fits customs and Korean sticks at the moment). Practicing on an old beat down stick for the first time may hurt you in the beginning and may hurt you in the long run. Lower quality sticks may encourage bad habits, like over compensation. Even tho I used allot of “may’s” its likeley you will be affected by one so dont put yourself at risk

Make sure you truly have the right grip for you AND your game. Even though some say it’s what you’re comfortable with just know If you set your mind on an odd grip most tutorial vids and info may be useless or difficult to translate. Most fighter like Tekken have a proper grip used by their top players. So make an effort to use the proper grip before you get all figgiley with the stick :slight_smile: besides is anything really comfortable in the early stages?

Make sure you have all three gate types Circle, Square & Octagon. Know that you don’t need to buy the entire gate you can buy replacement inserts for 50- 60% less
Its good to have all three gates to experiment and find the one that works for you I personally like circle gates for its speed & smoothness, I find the Octagon and Square gates somewhat punish you by locking for gate riding to hard. Trust me you will gate ride like a Boss in the beginning

Don’t let other peoples extremely long or short learning curve accusations discourage you or give you false hope. If you truly want to become better faster you will because you will put in the effort and not short yourself with lazy bad habits

Simply accept the fact that you need to relearn the execution of everything you thought you knew on pad plain and simple. Try and stay away from online as it will cruelly remind you how much further you have to go. Spend a majority of your time in practice mode building confidence in your execution so you will be able to preform in the future under stress.

Most importantly remember it’s all about the small victories and a simple matter of time

i use 6 buttons the three on top is jab strong fierce & on bottom is short forward roundhouse it’s all about how comfortable you feel with the button inputs holding the stick is the easiest thing to get used to i normally hold it between my ring finger & pinky than cup the ball (sounds pretty gay but it’s not) if you need help i’m on xbl gt LynGuiStiics hope you have a mic


The importance of hours put in cant be overstated.

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