New Application for crouch tech makes Akuma EVEN HARDER to throw

TL;DR people just scroll to the bottom for the inputs:

Sup, Sorry the lack of updates for strange and unusual Akuma strategy and applications but I’ve been spending a lot of my time recently playing the rest of the cast, essentially playing catch-up, to familiarize myself with the opponents move sets setups tactics and attributes in preparation for SSF4. (In which I’ll have a whole new 10 cast members to back engineer :crybaby: ; with the exception of Dud’s Mak and Ibuki.)

However I happened to listen to an old podcast segment that was recoded on Gooteck’s site about a month and a half ago where he was interviewing J Wong about a whole bunch of stuff. Somewhere in the interview Jwong was taking about punishing the crouch tech of an opponents Geif, I think it was Mike Ross if I’m not mistaken, and he explained basically in modern day SF4 terms a situation in which he dive kicked in front, to bait the throw tech, then not on reaction, but on predition of the crouching short, did an ex messiah kick to beat it clean and FADC into ultra to win.

This is a risky 50/50 as he said in SF4, but back in the ye old days of 3rd strike we used a technique called option select parrying or more advanced forms which were often referred to as SGGK techniques to beat crouch teching in 3rd Strike. Needless to say crouch teching is a lot more dangerous, a lot less safe and a lot more complex to pull of safely in 3S than in SF4.

However this got me thinking about the crouch tech in general and why I personally don’t use it that much in SF4. Part of me thought it was because the 3S part of my brain is telling me not to do so cause it thinks that it’s not really a throw but a parry trap. However when I watched myself play I realized that the majority of the time I’m in a situation to be thrown that isn’t in the corner, I often opt to FA and kara back dash ASAP. This works really well 90% of the time because the initial frames of Gouki’s FA move him way out of most throw ranges and the quick cancel back does the rest.

However I wanted to know if there was a way to make this even more fool proof, and again thought of some of the recent advancements in 3S such as back dash teching and super jump cancel teching which I wont go into cause this is clearly the wrong forum.

But essentially this train of thought lead me to try to see if i could input a crouch tech, then kara cancel it on the first frame of the cr short into a FA, then cancel into a back dash. Thus creating a situation by if they threw my FA on start up I would tech the throw, if not I would step back with armor, then dash out.

For You TL;DR types here is the input with no explanation, hopefully it’s self explanatory:

cr. lp + cr. lk ~ cr./s. mp + cr./s. mk ~ <</>>

can you show this tech in use please…I’d like to see if it’s even possible…

I have no recording methods so someone else is gonna have to make the vid but i tested it out myself in training mode.

Of course it’s possible, why wouldn’t it be?, you can already kara focus with standing fierce for extra range, this is just karaing a different attack. Perhaps you’re thinking of teching throws in the start up frames of a FA, no I don’t believe that would be possible.

You can see it for yourself, as long as you have SF4 on console.

Simply record the training dummy to do this at a point where you’ll know you’ll be able to try to throw him at the same time and you’ll find that the dummy will tech your throws if you throw early enough or kara back dash if you don’t.

I set the other akuma to record then did an empty jump in at my akuma and when i landed with the dummy I did the crouch tech kara focus back dash (helps if you hold down while your in the air), then repositioned the dummy and did it like 4 times in the 10 seconds it lets you record. Then when i hit play back, the dummy would jump at me and kara focus back dash and do it again. So i knew to try to throw the dummy when he landed b4 he could focus dash away. The first time I threw him and was like wtf, but the next 3 times he teched all 3 throw attempts, and the same thing kept happening which meant, the crouch tech kara worked perfectly for the dummy the last 3 times but i fucked up on recording the execution for it the first time.

Tested and it does work. However I don’t really see the use of such a thing. Backdash is already throw invincible, so there is really no need to kara tech into fa~backdash simply because it doesn’t result and a significantly better option against throw attempts than backdash. The only thing I can see it better at is escaping an os sweep setup from your opponent. Upon closer inspection of the execution required and space it creates I don’t see why I would use this over the kick port as my “escape random dangers move”.

It’s interesting but not very useful IMO. shrug

VIDZ please

the biggest problem i see with this on a theory fighter level is that afaik… you CAN NOT tech if you are thrown out of an fa… you cant tech during recovery of any move… which is why throws are “free” after people miss srk’s, ultras and whatnot…

but other than that… good theory fighter :tup:

i liked the part about fa going backwrads to make throws wiff, the only problem there is that akuma doesnt step back in the first frames of his fa… it takes him like 3-5 frames before he takes that big step back… and those 3 frames are easily throwable.

but i like the thought behind this stuff.


why does the game not mind kara cancelled FAs sometimes but with some moves it costs ex meter?

second, the best regular thrower (in terms of kara throw range) in the game is ken. he can option select against backdashes in his block strings with ex tornado. don’t know if that matters at all just putting it out there.

you honestly don’t even need to plink it, just smash lp+lk+mp+mk as if you were doing a late tech and you’ll get the same results.