New Anakaris Thread!

K so this is my first thread and I feel the need to create one since there aren’t that many anakaris users or any that can play him effectively enough to win a match.

Questions or comments, strategies, combos r welcome. The sole purpose of this thread is to open the eyes to other ppl that don’t think that the mummy man can fight. Please post teams that u use when fighting with anakaris, strats with ur team combos or nething else that is useful.

I’ll start this thing off.

-My team is anakaris( variety) , ironman(aaa), doom( aaa) and in that order. I really like to play anakaris on point cause he really shouldn’t be used that much as an assist, unless u know what ur doing.

At the start of the match i’ll just launch+im aaa,, (im assist hit them), curse (doll), repeat. This works most of the time at the start of the match. I just don’t do this agains magneto. or if i know that they r switch tricking.

Basic strats:
Pretty much u can just call out doom assist then sj with a hk to keep them away or just to hit them with ur range, then airdash towards them then cancel airdash with hp. This is what I use for pressure. Or just to get close enough to them so that anakaris could confuse them with his variety of moves., then prymad smash for a quick overhead works very good too. Or just superjump after doom assit then hk to keep away then hk coffin or whatever coffin u think that u have to use. kinda like the psychic pan of sent. they take chip since they r pinned. Then they’ll try to superjump towards u. u can either use another coffin based on their position or u can use his command grab. believe me this works. or u can just do repeated lp cobra rushes for a while. since u can quickly do one cobra rush into another.

U should really try to use his like the dhalshim player use his c.lp, good poke and if u sweep them then they’ll just roll out. In which case u would just call out doom as they roll towards u then do cobra rush super, sometimes they will take the hit since they don’t know which way to block. At the very least u will give them good chip damage.

Sent strats:
Against sent, u have to try and chip him and play keep away until u can land a curse on him to do the inf on him. The best time to do the curse is when he’s doing hsf. Sj. when u see a hsf coming then do the curse. even if he dhc into hailstorm the curse will still travel and hit storm. U will get hit by hail but now storm has just signed her death sentence. Curse inf with im aaa should only take three reps to kill her. Keep away with coffins for a while with anakaris. Also if u don’t feel comfortable doing the curse with anakaris and they r doing hsf. U can do a coffin depending on ur position, then do cobra rush super, dhc into proton cannon. The coffin stuns them long enough for u to do this. If sentinel is killing ur assist with hsf just time a sj or guard cancel then do what I just said above for the frame kill. There really isn’t a sure fire strat to beat sentinel, especially with commando on his side. U just have to wait it out and attack when u get ur chances. Use everything that u can to get some hits out of him. Even if its just a hk here and there so when he does fuck up like doing hsf while ur in the air u can land the inf or framekill.

u can’t afford to use ur assist without protecting them from her hailstorm. If she runs away, let her run, just stand on the ground and rain coffins on her. she’ll get hit eventually and then she’ll be forced to come and fight u. If she’s coming down with her fp, just launch her, since ur launcher will always beat her fp. But u have to make sure that the launcher will connect, since his launcher has a lot of lag. U’ll have to use launcher+doom aaa, just in case the launcher misses u should do a lp coffin, the rocks will help cover u in the process. Follow up with inf or combo of ur choice. Of course there will be times when u’ll get rushed the hell down but u mustn’t panic. sounds childish but true. sometimes u might want to look like if ur defenseless and just move urself toward the corner. Then block their trijumps or pushblock. Then depending on the distance they’re at u should use command grab. This sets up curse inf in the corner with doom or im easily. U can only do the curse like once in the corner with doom aaa, then u can launch, sj. lk, cobrarush super. 3/4 damage for just getting them with the command grab. 100% damage with im inf. Never just stay on the ground with anakaris. He should be moving at all times all the while using dooms rocks and coffins with airdashes. If she’s gonna do hailstorm just sj then time the curse so that it hits her. Ur gonna get hit by hail but at least u know that she’s gonna die from the curse inf.

I’ll post some more in a while. since i’m here bored at work and there ain’t shit to do. I’ll be posting some more strats like on cable and combos and resets.

The team i use with anakaris is : anakaris(variety) u’ll know in a while why. Im(AAA), doom(aaa). i just call it team infinity cause they call all do infinites on ne1. I’m basically just gonna post up combos and resets with my team. why has no1 responded. its all in the inf. believe me.

combos: anakaris point:,, hp, pharoahs curse. i think thats what the super is called. looks cool as hell though, plus u can otg after the special to do this., c.hp, ipxxcobrarush super. i just do a lk so they get popped up high then i’ll do the super and smash for max damage. its not really smashing for me, more like tapping, and i get a lot of damage. just do the cobra rush super, now ur gonna use both hands, two fingers with each hand. u put ur left index finger on lk, left ring finger on lp. then put ur right index finger on the hk, then put ur right ring finger on the hp. now u just simotaneously tap the buttons. like when u tap on the table or something, kinda like a drum roll. works for me.

I like to do a clk with dooms rocks then if they r blocking low then i sj then cancel with the pyramid rush kinda like a trijump. it comes out real fast and acts as a tri jump, so u can attack afterwards. after pyramid rush u can do:

lk, lk, land,, hp+im aaa, sj. hp, im aaa hits , they bounce up , u wait and do a pharoahs curse. repeat for inf. takes off a lot of damage. or if u wanna get some hardcore damage u can do this:,hp+imaaa, sj.hp, im aaa hits, u press down and hk for pyramid smash down, then when im pops towards u, do cobra super. mash good and takes off a lot.

inf with flash., [hp+im(aaa), sj.hp or hk don’t mattter i prefer hk, immediately cancel to curse or doll.]its up to u how ur going to launch them again to do the inf again, i prefer just wavedashing then just launch. repeat brackets. u could do the inf for two reps some will be dead by then. or u could do the super(hk,lp,down,lk,hp) pharoahs magic. looks cool. otg if u can.

resets with anakaris using doom aaa. or im aaa., hp+doom(aaa), sj. adf, rocks hit immediately, cobra rush super. mash good and u’ll get a lot of damage.

do the same with im assist for crossups.

  • Easy cool im inf setup with anakaris tomb assist, (variety)

launch+anak variety assist, sjlp, d+hp, tomb hits them as they hit the floor, they pop up, u fall down normally and hit then in the air with lk, up+hp, [lp,mp,mk, up+hp] repeat brackets for inf. timing is kinda hard but possible, i’ve done it. and its unrollable. I’ve never seen this on vid so i’m the first to come up with this. my friend will prolly put up a vid of mixed char combos and stuff.

I have other resets with im using doom for his inf but i’ll hold on those.

inf using doom rocks in the corner, anakaris point.

the trick is to trick then to thinking that ur getting rushed down. then push block them when ur back is agains the corner. then do a mummy wrap grab based on their position. + doom rocks, launch, sj. hk, curse. then do what ever u want afterwards inf with im assist is good or launch then cobra rush super, dhc proton cannon. their dead.

where is the love for anakaris. one inf and ur whole team is gone. i’m still trying to find out a way i can switch im in off of anakaris on point then go straight into inf. ne ideas?

well, post what u got. show love for anakaris.

i like to use anakaris but i cant find a team that works together well, and still be original. i usually just throw random people in, any advice for making a anarakis team?

you never mentioned what anakaris’ infinite was, what is it? im lazy to search for a thread about it.

well what ppl do u use? I would suggest doom or sent, doom have his assist on rocks, and sent on drones. Then inf that i use works with im, i can do it with cyke and sonson, but not 100% like i can with im assist.

here is the infinte neways., [hp+im(AAA), sj. hp, then immediately curse],repeat brackets.

I suggest that u use somebody that u use well but also has a good assist to complement anakaris. I use anakaris on variety assist. You can do some mean crossups with storm and mags or im with his tomb assist, thats just imo. Really underrated assist. I use it all the time. U just gotta know how to use it. Well hope that helps.

Anakaris, storm and sonson is one dudes team here in chicago. He beats peeps ass who has top tier teams w/ sent/mag/cable etc… Has alot of traps.

yep, anakaris/sonson is top tier. what are these traps you speak of?

Well actually im learning the game at the moment. I know what peeps are top tier and i know the basics, but i cant really read what he does, but he tells players alot of things that he can do if someone does somethin to get out of one of his traps. So basically, a trap for a failed trap. This might be common, idk but it seems amazing to me what he can do. Like one guaranteed combo i seen him do, is do an air combo then do a kick that they CAN block and then he can grab them middair and they cant do anything about it. I could explain more but i need to learn the mvc2 lingo here.

I sometimes use Ana/Sim(ground)/CC (AAA) or Cyc (AAA). I’ll type up why they work well together some time. Sims ground assist Easily sets up his infinity.,c.lp,c.hp + Sim Assist,,PC…repeat as needed.

I think I’ve seen that video… and I was that Anakaris/Storm/Son Son player in the video. :clap:

Cool. Too bad you live in the phillipines, id like to see you vs. him. Judging by your sig it seems your a very good anakaris player.

the guy in chicago that uses that anakaris team is really good he goes to my arcade me and other people play him alot when he comes… his anakaris is very tricky and so is his storm he knows what to do and how to trick you and he puklls the infinite almost all the time. ive beaten him maybe 6 times out of 9. if u guys wanna know more about his stargities or him playing style ill be more likely to post here more often

post up strats. I play anakaris too. but every bit of info helps. I think anakaris, ironman, and doom work well too. I used to use anakaris storm and sonson, but sonson and anakaris die too fast.

Here is a reset with anakaris. proj, mp, sjxx 1st hit of medium punch, adf, lk, lk, land, whatever u wanna do after that. anakaris mixup game is very good. too bad his defense is so low.

good info, but this should have just been added to Anak’s pre-existing thread. DeathfromAbove had a good start that this would have really contributed to