New akuma vid on uriden blog

Definitely some of the best akuma footage I’ve ever seen. <–direct link <–blog

Can anyone translate the post where this is posted? I know that’s the color match uses, and this is probably some of the best akuma I’ve ever seen. You can tell he’s not playing against scrubs either. So many overhead chop cancelled into demon! discuss.

At like 9:04 when he does the chopxxdemon in the corner, how is he hiding the jabs? He’s just crouching, then you see the first few frames of the chop, then the demon. I’ve always done jab jab f+mp f+lk fp. Is he really just inputting the whole demon setup after the f+mp?

Judging from the filename, character color, demon flip and demon abuse plus general play style, I’m positive that the akuma player there is jiro. Incredible footage.

And yes, that kara demon he pulls off is really bugging me. How the hell did he do it???

This is how much it bugged me… I spent the last twenty minutes in training mode, and I’ve found a way to do it. Its very hard, and once I ‘nailed’ down this technique, I managed to get it twice out of about thirty tries.

I’m tempted to keep trying it till my fingers are used to it. Man, I’m gonna be so happy if I can pull this off consistently :bgrin:

holy hell this video is crazy! thanks for posting it cureone. this dudes mad crazy.

well…wuts the technique!? how do u do it!:arazz: :looney:

Not telling you until I can do it consisitently. Seriously, this is one baby that I want for myself before I share with the world :arazz:

I’ve made a new thread with a vid on it. Go check it out :tup:

Gah, I can’t get the link to work - Could someone please rehost the files on some other site?

wow, this vid is old, i saw this a long time ago. The akuma rapes in it. I can’t pull off the demon fast enough to do it consistently but i can take out sometimes. it is very cool

How can this vid be old if it was just filmed one week ago?

I just saw that clip harmonaz put, and i had seen that move done before but didn’t know by who, so i assumed it was the same guy

cAN someone re-upload that Direct Link? It’s not working for me.

Why does he pick SAII aganist Dudley?

maybe to abuse the dudley glitch where you can super him off the ground if he doesn’t quick roll? I know it works with ryu SAII

stun and damage >__> .
invincibility and good start up compared to sa1.

that makes dudley less offensive be extra carefull in walking up . akuma having a meter and got cornered , dudley would rather think twice then do a meaty mix-up .

don’t direct link for cock sake .

I played Jiro in Japan just recently, those videos dont do him justice. He is much better in real life. Him, Yukioto? and Match are insane.

Yo TSC its Naz from RBUK- did you get to play Uraken at all? Damn man, tell us something about how they played - I mean whats so different from a non-Jap Akuma?

Uraken… hmmm, what colour does he play? There was another JP Akuma I played at Club Sega who used the grey/MP colour who was the flashiest of all the Akuma’s I played there. He was also very good and had something like a 25 game win streak against top level comp as well at one stage.

In regards to how they play compared to non-Japanese Akuma’s… well, in general they just have many more tricks than us and they use them very well. We have two very solid Akuma players here in Aus (One who has been to Japan as well) and I saw stuff from the Japanese that I had never seen before. They basically dance around the screen, by that I mean when they rush down they are very hard to defend against. They are also very hard to catch. When you combine that with their superior spacing and character match-up knowledge they are really tough to beat. For example I played Frankie3s Akuma a few times and even though it is strong, it’s just not anywhere near the same level or class as the Japanese Akuma’s.

I found Japanese Akuma’s to probably be my hardest opponents… I am pretty sure your fellow countrymen Dukus might agree with me as well. I’m sure he can give you some tips on how and why they are so damn good to.

Yep, thats my hero :blush: Uraken is just crazy :rofl:

I haven’t chatted to Dukus yet, but I’m going to arrange a session with him soon. Its weird how you say that Akuma was probably your biggest problem in Japan, yet Akuma isn’t exactly the best character that the Japs use. In a similar fashion, I’m not amongst the best players in UK, but Akuma’s cheekiness can really make things hard for the guys I play. If I pick top tier Ken against those same players, I lose very easily. Fair enough I dont know how to play Ken well, but you need a completely different sort of zoning game when you play against that dive kicking shoto hybrid.

I’ve seen footage of that PaulT player - he is incredible. When you say that even he was totally outclassed by the Japs… man that just scares me.

Thanks for that man, felt really good reading a first hand account of Japanese Akumas :bgrin:

Yeah, Uraken was crazy man… I knew that he had to be someone famous. Cause he was beating Erotic Teacher, Jiro and a ton of others. Him and Jiro had quite a few mirror matches, I wish I had capped a few of them… they were very entertaining.

I tried comparing them to PaulT as you mentioned who has a really good Akuma… I think what is different is that in general the Japanese like with all characters just have more knowledge. PaulT’s spacing is very good and on par with the Japanese Akuma’s I faced but he doesn’t have the amount of tricks that they have and knowledge of character match ups. Thats what currently seperates him - a top non Japanese Akuma - from the Japanese Akuma’s themselves, they just felt more complete than his. Also, when you haven’t gone up against these freaky tricks before it is really hard, I just found alot of times I didn’t know what to do. Uraken, Jiro, Match and Yukioto? are on their own level when it comes to Akuma.

In general though I guess, this applies to most characters when comparing non-Japanese and Japanese. Overall the Japanese are just more complete in every aspect than us… as this years SBO results should show.

Yo TSC, any chance you remember what any of those freaky tricks were :wink: