Never say die

I love when in fighting games the girls continue to hold onto their weapons (or ball their fists) after being ‘knocked out’ - it makes them look so brave, tough and unconquerable…

Like so

lol what? :rofl:

It makes them look really determined and tough, like they don’t want to admit defeat/still want to fight.

Another example

Or in Soul Calibur when they still hold onto their weapons if they get hit and made to roll around post-KO.

I doubt it’s intentional, they probably just didn’t want to draw new frames.

Naw man they are tough as NAILS beasts… their lil’ fingers still strongly clenched around their weapons. :smiley:

Just came in here to say this thread is creepy. Really creepy

I came in here to say that I agree with you. Although who cares?