Never played a team this execution heavy, and I don't know how to get better with it

So, I recently started a team in Marvel 3 (C.Viper, Magneto, Dante) and it’s really tough to play this team because of how execution heavy it is. Especially in this game where most characters can just derp around. My execution isn’t too bad, it’s actually above average I’d say, but it’s definitely not up to par to play a team like this yet.

When playing a team like this, should I just stay in training mode all day? Or should I actually play people and keep losing? How can I get my execution good enough to play this team.

In my opinion I’d say don’t bother with Mags fly loops since he loses them in umvc3 work on his relaunches instead those still work. Viper and dante will for sure take some time in training mode, but in all reality just practice the intemediate comboes with them and the rest will come easy seeing as the more complicated Dante/Viper comboes are just extensions of that.

What relaunches

Its a bit of both, you need training mode time with those characters, all them bold cancels and seismo chains aren’t gonna come to you in the middle of a match(unless your some kind of prodigy) but with that said, you need some in game time no matter what team you are playing. But I would just learn the basic bnb’s with each character at first and focus more on match control shit(like seismo chains and stinger cancels) and slowly work in the more advance combos with each character as time goes by.

How many hours a day should I be putting in for training mode with this team?

  1. In any fighting game you play ever, you should be putting some practice into training mode with them before trying to play matches with them seriously. If you can’t do their bnbs, you can’t really play them effectively. Fighting game characters are sort of like those signs at amusement parks. Remember those from when you were a kid? You have to be this high in order to ride this ride? Same thing. If you can’t meet the minimal execution requirements of a character, you’re limiting your effectiveness severely.

  2. No one can tell you how many hours you should put into training mode with them; no one can tell you how many hours it will take you to learn stairway to heaven; no one can tell you how many hours it will take you to up your free throw percentage 4%. The answer to all of these questions requires information we don’t really have. We don’t know your general execution level in fighting games. We don’t know how fast you pick up muscle memory related tasks.

You should use training mode with them regularly until to can consistently execute their bnbs. That’s it. You should be somewhat familiar with this process if you play Ibuki and Makoto in SSF4:AE.

Check out the execution thread for more information:

Practice whatever you can’t do with a reps kinda thing like you’re working out.

Like whatever you screw up on in a combo…practice it on side of the screen until you get it right. Then practice it on the other side of the screen until you get it right and the swing to the first side of the screen again. You can make this easier for yourself by holding left or right on the stick and then hitting start plus select at the same time to move to the approprite side of the screen. If you’re switching sides a lot that means you’re starting to get your execution down. If you’re screwing up on one side you still stay on that side until you stop screwing up. This will help you get your execution into muscle memory for actual fights.

As long as your execution issues are mostly combo based this practice helps pretty well. You can do the same with seismo chains or special moves that take a bit of timing to execute like Dante’s volcano to killer bee or his hammer.

From one trainee advice to another, I can say that my higher execution combos with viper and dante becomes easier to do once their apprentice BnB becomes 2nd nature. And once you get so comfortable with those combos, start experimenting a bit with them, you’ll get your own unique style of playing those characters.

It’s really good to have a sparring partner to do experiment combos because (I don’t know if it’s just me) but I tend to pull these combos alot better on people than in training mode. I’m not too worried about losing either if I mess up, I mean the whole point is to experiment rather than trying to win.