Neutrik install

Hey I was wondering if anyone can show me where they installed a neutrik port on a Madcatz TE stick? I’m waiting parts to build my stick but after looking at videos online at pictures and videos, all I’ve seen is it going through where the select button is. Has anyone installed where the cable compartment is, I think it’s possible but I’d have to do some modification.

It’s possible but the jack will need to be installed on its side. I’d also recommend using a Dremel as there’s a fair bit of shell remodelling to do. But if you do it this way then you won’t be able to use the NE8MC boots without leaving the cable bay door open and rattling around.

The easiest was is to simply install it into one of the pre-made 24mm holes or to drill another hole next to the existing ‘start’ and ‘select’ buttons.

neutrik pass though typically goes on the sides or the back. If you are using a Toodles Kitty TE, you can also stick the neutrik where the select button goes.
I Managed to stick one in the cable storage compatrement but if you do that be mindful of other parts onside the case.

You can also relocate the start and select buttons.

Ok what size bit should I use to make the 24mm hole? I know 1" would be too big since that comes out to 25mm. Would my best bet be to get a 7/8" bit and just dremel/sand the rest since that one is 22mm?

Nevermind found some 15/16" ones online at Lowes just took some hunting.