Neutral jump is king

Offensive players look away now.

I love neutral jumps. There, I said it.

No matter what character or what game, neutral jumping is the business. Literally any move that attacks along the ground and moves your character forward is toast to the almighty neutral jump. Jump forward? Your ass is mine. It’s the swiss army knife of fighting game moves. And safe… oh so safe. What’s the worst that can happen? I land on a projectile? Boo hoo.

Look at it, isn’t it beautiful?

Step your game up, stop all this dive kick nonsense, neutral jump is king. Any other fans?


Dive Kick better watch out, Neutral Jump only needs one button.

ST Cammy likes this thread.

2 buttons. You just don’t actually need a stick

neutral jump hk land dash cr lk lk st hk AHVB.

yeah, i love it too. cant do it too much though because some fagneto player can just dash forward auto correct sj lk into rom :frowning:

Uryo says “fuck your neutral jumps” (2m07s)


HF Blanka’s is the truth though.

I actually approve this message.

On the Offensive:
Neutral Hk > Cl. Hp > Cr. Mp > EX. FBA
Neutral Hk > Cr. Mk > Cr. Mp > EX. FBA
Neutral Hk > Cr. Lp > Cr. Lp > Cr. Mp > EX FBA

Against a Blocker:
Neutral HK > block string > EX SHC
Neutral HK > tick throw
Neutral HK > l.p > tick throw

Against a Masher:
Neutral HK > Backflip > EX FBA
Neutral HK > l.p > Block > Punish (CH>ST)
Neutral HK > Back dash > Punish (CH>ST)
Neutral HK > BackFlip > U1

Top tier.

So then, whose day gets wrecked the most by the almighty NJ?

I vote Abel.

The good: At least, you see the light
Bad: It took you a couple years
Ugly: It was playing SF4 :frowning:

neutral jump air-to-air anti-air. that good feeling.

Neutral jump, :qcf:+:l:, :qcb:+:s:, :qcf:+:l:, :qcb:+:s:, :a1:, rinse, repeat is truth (mirror super and x-factor optional).

I just thought of something:

If Neutral Jump is King, then what is Queen?

ducking MK

To be fair, all of blanka’s neutral jump moves have great angles and hitboxes in the SFII series. Air normals is not where he was lacking in those games lol.

Strongly agree, but I’ve been led to believe that HF was his very best one in the entire series.

Worth mentioning that ST nj.hp only has 1 frame of startup. ONE.

God I love that move.

Hello ST Blanka, my name is ST Claw.

I hope you like my friend Crouch Medium Punch.

Hahhahahahahahah i been nute jumping since sf2 days…only game it does not work as much is sf xtekken

The “Hand of God”.

IDK in the 4 series, but this move always has been hella good.

And back jumping is the Queen (still good, but you lose space)

Ground normals are for WUSSIES. You need to jump if you want to get on my level!