I am selling my prized cabinet in great condition.

These Low quality pics (courtesy of iphone 3gs) dont really do it justice, but here goes. all locks are there (with key of course)…brand new joysticks/sanwa buttons…naomi mobo + mvc2…custom marquee… and the monitor has NO BURN in…cab is in really nice condition.

im selling the cabinet + Naom mobo + Mvc2 for 900

local pickup in Louisiana

That’s really creepy, man… I just started looking for something like this recently.
These cabs originally came wired JVS right? So you did it up NAOMI style?

Location info and asking price would be great. I was going to just assemble one myself getting the board and cab and wiring/power separate but if the price and distance isn’t too bad I might just try and work with you on this.

A lot of people are interested, Trust me!

ill post pics and stuff tomorrow…

yeah its jvs wired i just added the naomi motherboard + mvc2 cart and voila…its actually a really nice cab

btw i live in Louisiana…lol

Talk to EVAWINGZERO, he lives in northern Florida I believe. I think he is interested in another cab.
Good luck.

Seriously how much do you want? If you can post pics also that would be awesome. If you want I can put a down payment.

Interested as well. Pics?

I’m supremely interested in any sort of candy cab. Where I live, candy cabs are about as rare as anything of value at a K-Mart.

All depends on price, of course. But yeah, interested.

the pics dont really do it justice but you get the idea…i may use my sisters camcorder to make a vid…

pm if this tickles ur fancy~

How much brah?

I’m interested, but per the rules, I think you need to post a price.

He’s talking to some people in PMs right now and if you look up at the OP you can see he has in fact added the price. He added it when he put in the pictures.



still for sale


Man Jon why are you selling the cabinet off :frowning:

where is this located?

To the guy who keeps reporting this thread; There’s a price posted. It’s in the first post. Stop reporting it.