NEPA 2 Results

I honestly had a lot more fun than I expected to.

1st Flare - Ryu
2nd Dream - Chun Li
3rd Neo DX90 - Ken
4th Stokes - Yang
5th Ignatz - Ryu
5th Korean DJ - Ken
7th Unrefined - Ryu
7th Pans - Ken, Hugo
9th Shane - Oro
9th Justin - Akuma
9th Keith - Remy, Dudley
9th Shieldz - Ryu
13th TGP Admin - Dudley

1st JasonL - Astaroth
2nd FearDaDonkey - Xianghua
3rd Neo DX90 - Lizardman
4th Octopod - Ivy
5th Chill Jon - Ivy
5th Hsiangsta - Ivy (probably spell that wrong)
7th Earl - Nightmare, Cassandra
7th Kaotical - Voldo
9th Pans - Maxi
9th Alpha - Cervantes
9th Stokes - Taki
9th Marf - Kilik
13th Unrefined - Sophitia, Valeria
13th Smike P - ??
13th Shane - Seung Mina
13th Keith - Yoshimitsu
16th Rigel - Cassandra
16th Jon-Irenicus - ??
16th Edgemaster - Seung Mina
16th Ignatz - Siegfried, Taki
16th Alex B - Talim

T5 (PS2)
1st FearDaDonkey - Steve
2nd Jon-Irenicus - ??
3rd Pans - Feng
4th Kaotical - ??
5th Shane - Asuka
5th Chance - Raven
7th Leor - ??
7th Neo DX90 - Asuka
9th Keith - Lee
9th Stokes - Bruce, Kazuya
9th Cadoc - ??
9th Toymachine - ??
13th John O - Law

Feel free to correct my mistakes and fill in the gaps.

Yup good time all and all hopefully will be able to make it out to anymore tournaments you guys have me and flare had a great time…o btw its Flare not Flayer, just thought i’d let ya know.

Couple of shout outs.

Flare-good shit with Ryu as always…

Neo- nice shit with ken keep it up.

Stokes- good yang man keep working on it see you at the next one man.

Ignatz- sorry didnt get to play your chun cept in casuals ;( But good stuff on the teams with Ryu

Pans- 360 Hugo owns good shit man

Shane- Oro…not bad for oro lol. keep up the pokes

Keith- Keep it up with Remy next time i come down i’ll bring my brother so he can show you some shit with remy

To anyone i forgot my bad great times to all.

I had fun, played against good people all around. 3S was the lift of my day over there. Despite all the beatings Flare(and Dream) gave me in the casuals, I learned some stuff.

Wouldn’t mind doing that again soon.

Flare and Dream - It was great seeing you guys. I had lots of fun playing you guys. Hope we weren’t too scrubby, lol. I learned a bunch from playing you guys. Flare, your Ryu is beastly. I loved it. You really helped me identify some holes in my game, haha. Dream, you Chun Li is great too. I just had lots of fun with you guys, especially afterwards back at TGP. Hope you guys enjoyed it too.