NeoGeo Online Collection Complete Box PS2

Very nice packaging. The first printing of each Complete Box Volume includes a bonus set of 19 (15) plastic cards featuring MVS title card artwork. Available from Play-Asia and NCSX in about a week.

Volume 1
[]Garou Densetsu (Fatal Fury) Battle Archives Vol. 1
]Garou Densetsu (Fatal Fury) Battle Archives Vol. 2
[]Garou: Mark of the Wolves
]Ryuuko no Ken: Ten-Chi-Jin (aka Art of Fighting)
[]Samurai Spirits: Rokuban Shoubu (SS:1-5, SS:TK)
]Sunsoft Collection (Galaxy Fight and Waku Waku 7)
Volume 2
[]King of Fighters Orochi Collection
]King of Fighters NESTS Saga
[]King of Fighters '98 Ultimate Match
]World Heroes Gorgeous
[]Fuun Super Combo
]Bakumatsu Rouman: Last Blade 2-in-1

Okay 9,980 yen equals about $110 if you round off all the riff raff, I’d probably get both since I’m missing a lot of those games, too bad online in Japan only :bluu:…

Why not make something like this for the wii? Or just make this for the wii, even if they make it japan only I would still buy it just for the fact that it has Garou: Mark of the Wolves. Is that going to have online play? Why are all these fighters online on the ps2? That makes little sense to me.

WTF are you new to SNK? They do this all the time.

close this thread please:zzz:

Pictures of the nice packaging and all games at Amazon Japan.

The games comming within this pack are 1st printed version or “the best” version of them?

I don’t know!

SNK shouldn’t be getting any of the fan’s money after all the crap they pulled on us this year!

snk is like the slutty cheating ex girlfriend you can’t help but keep on going back to because the sex is so good

But it’s like she has a ton of hair like a personal forest and you wonder if it’s worth the hassle.