Neo-Human Casshern Videos

I haven’t been able to look up an overly abundant amount of videos given my work schedule during the holidays, but it’d be good to have a thread for people to post Casshern videos.

For starters: - Keits has tons of footage of him vs j1n, who runs Casshern/Ryu.

Post 'em up, and I’ll edit em in here.

ill start posting some of my stuff by this weekend hopefully. thnx for that link he has some good stuff

my stuff is already in the general video thread. more over the next couple days, when i can get more games in. gonna try to out perform myself every time

Casshern and Viewtiful Joe combination 80%:

I mean wow, sets Casshern properly.
Only on small characters though.


It works on taller characters as well. For some characters tho when Cash-Earned’s 3rd hit hits them it resets the character (may not be 100% in that case)

haha i really like that nick name for casshern. cash earned.

Cash Money D:

here’s some casshern in casuals

You nail B Friender several times perfectly! I didn’t think Karas worked so well with Casshern, either.

@4:50 I didn’t know that Casshern was invulnerable during the startup of his level 3 :o

Yea, so far the best setup I have for B friender is assist shenanigans then B friender right away.

calling B friender alone never works unless they’re doing something stupid.

oh yeah, new casshern fullscreen combo (looks flashy as hell)

just wanted to point out thatyou dont need an assist to do that combo, just baroque the divekick after the full charged C denkou punch and then dash and combo

but then how do you baroque again after the megacrash? since it’s still part of the combo, the baroque won’t end.

you can baroque if you are in baroque mode, as long as you have red life (which megacrash provides)


Mtran is right. You can only baroque once in a combo unless you’ve got free baroque turned on in training mode, regardless of if you’ve gained extra red life.

aah I see, thanks for the acclaration. Ive been only on training mode these days and Im trying casshern a bit.


Me and Yourmother were missing around he recorded the old school Cash/Roll Unblockable Infinite(Its not a Infinite anymore just a setup) Just watch his video an look at the shit he found [media=youtube]tHpZ9ip710Q&playnext_from=TL&videos=ImYxCc5tiuU[/media]

is there a way to combo a fully charged 236 C into something midscreen or do you just have to be in the corner?

Can you, or yourmother, or someone please write out the commands for those combos, either with the icons or even just the numbers, it would really help a ton.