Nemo's strategy

Nemo, Japanese Chun-Li player post strategy (to other character) on his blog.

He is the highest player for Chun-Li’s BattlePoint in Japan.
He declared that he doesn’t play SFIV from “Tougeki09” to qualifying for “Tougeki10” because he is too busy.
And “Tougeki09” had ended, he revealed strategy and “secret” strategy(“Neta” in Japanese) to win “TOUGEKI09” of the world.
I think the (fighting game’s) world is not only Japan.

For example, Sabin’s say on SRK is fabricated to 2ch(Japan’s the biggest anonymous forum about all(SFIV include)) by someone heartlessness.
It is a sad event however though only has to disregard like an anonymous opinion.

The god has confused the language.
But We should confront this trials.
We are sure not to scare the god.
Because it usually fights against Umehara lol.
(Though it is needless to say “The Beast” Umehara is known as a god of the fighting game in Japan.)

and in hope of future development of SFIV, I translate into English his blog.

I plan to translate one post a day.

But I am a newbie(also SFIV and English), this may be so many mistakes.
Plz overlook them :stuck_out_tongue:


Jump(7or8or9) is J.
Crouch(1or2or3) is C.
Step(66,1P and 44,2P) is S.
BackStep(44,1P) is BS.
Focus Attack(Saving Attack in Japanese) is F.

  • is press multiple buttons at the same time.
  • is combo(cancell include).

ex)light Shoryuken is 623LP.
ex)Ex Shoryuken is 623P+P.
ex)ShunGokuSatsu is LPLP6LKHP.

(*~) is my thought.


First of all, the basis.

2009/08/18(Nemo’s posting Japan time)

about Chun-Li’s basic thing

The first, easy pressing any button at the same time(“Shikomi” in Japanese).

When JHP-JHP(target combo), the second JHP is CHP+CHK input methods.
By doing this methods, even if your rival do (Reversal)BS for avoiding first JHP, your second JHP change in the CHK. So, CHK will hit your rival.

This is an essential technique.

For example, when you want JHP-CLK, you should press JHP-CHKCLK.
CHKCLK are “not” at the same time, the are Continuous Pressing(“Zurashi-oshi” in Japanese).
CLK appear on the screen if JHP hit(or guard), otherwise(when rival do BS etc.) your CHK appear. This CHK hit rival doing BS.

Especially, I(I = Nemo) think when fighting Abel, JHP-HP+LP+LK(you should be able to draw out a throw) beat Abel’s 63214PP.
Abel’s 63214PP is “not” Invinsibility to throw.
If I fighted Shiro(Japanese Abel player, “TOUGEKI09” finalist) on “TOUGEKI09” finals, I perhaps did this.

(*However, the method to Abel seems not to function by Nemo’s blog comment.)

and I think this method work effectively to Bison(“Vega” in japanese)'s 46PP, too.
But, Using Bison in the acquaintance is only Umezono(Japanese Bison Player), I didn’t try this method.

(*The method to Bison also seems not to function, because 46PP seems to have invinsibility to throw from 0 frame.)

Anyway, it is important to use it properly for various characters.

For example, vs Sagat,
throw-44-JHP-3HP+HK(in a word, 3HK) beat Sagat’s riversal 623P.
but vs Abel,
throw-44-JHP-3HP+HK(in a word, 3HK) is avoided by Abel’s riversal 236K.
so, vs Abel,
throw-44-JHP-2HP+HK(in a word, CHK) hit Abel’s riversal 236K(Ex include).

(*Even if puting CHK timing is bad, Chun-Li’s CHK is 29 frame, Abel’s 236LK is 27, MK is 30, HK is 32, KK is 32 . It is almost even if CHK avoided.)

“Shikomi” it how You “must think” which character.

The second, CLK-CLK is CLK-CLK+MK+HK(in a word, 2LK-2KKK).

if first CLK is hit(or guarded), second CLK is CLK.
if first CLK is avoided(when rival do BS etc.), second CLK is CHK.

Let’s get accustomed to your hand because it is a strong technology.

I think These are Chun-Li’s basic things.
It is not possible to teach to Nomal Moving(*They are jump, nomal skill and 63214K…etc’s timing.) :stuck_out_tongue:

Next post will reveal secret strategy.
----Nemo’s blog content----

Let’s meet tomorrow.


see motherfuckers… even nemo uses TEH FRAMES!!!



Frames, what’s that? :cybot:

Thanks Newbie4444 though Azrael has also translate the nemo blog in an other thread.

I think it’s cool to have two translation to understand well what nemo means.

Keep going if you want :tup:

He is talking about plinking, it’s what i was thinking, nice

It’s well what i was thinking, option select with throw don’t work on abel and Dictator if they use roll EX, tornado throw EX, Psycho crusher

About frame data, i don’t think it’s a shame to use them lol

Lol if nemo said that, i’m a little more “happy” ^^

I think it’s about footsies, safe jump, pokes and hazan shu on reaction or anticipation :tup:

Isn’t Az also translating from Nemo’s blog?

ninjaEdit: nvm, c_nul already said it. I agree, having another view on the translation can’t be bad.

Indeed he does!! :rofl:

“Neta” and combo


Neta.1(to almost all character)

on screen edge
This is input fastest.
so 3HK’s direction of guard is reversed.
It’s nomal guard in a word.

but Sagat’s guard is only back.
Ryu and Ken cant guard this 3HK.

And delay 3HK is back guard.
It hits the rival surely when doing for the first time.

I don’t have consumer SFIV, I’m not certain :stuck_out_tongue:
from beating Zangi’s Reversal is very well.

Neta.2(to Abel, Rufus, Ryu and Balrog(M.Bison in Japanese))

Chun-Li is 1Pside edge.
4throw-7HK(input 7 is Immediate after throwing)

If 7HK is hit, Chun-Li is 1Pside edge.
If 7HK is guraded, rival is 1Pside edge.
and this Neta make rival not reversal Shoryuken.

Let’s try these Neta that is easy and strong.

H(KKKKK)-M(KKKKK)-CHK is difficult.
The easiest method that I devise is shown below.

to Abel

to Balrog(M.Bison in japanese) and Dalsim

to Fuerte

to Zangi and Honda

to Ryu, Ken, Akuma, C.Viper
This combo cannot be used for them recommended (I am not using it).

to the others

It is easy only for me to take timing in these combos. The method it is easy to practice by each one is done recommended.

Next is strategy against each character.
----Nemo’s blog content----

Let’s meet tomorrow.

Thanks for the translation! Keep it up !