need yun combo

all the combo i saw in the forum are hard
I need easy combo that deal good dmg
all i know is mp,Sp lol

s.lp,,, jab shoulder tackle xx super of your choice.

you can take out the shoulder tackle if you want. i can’t give you an easier combo than that…


i really want to learn sa3 of yun…!

wat will i do after i sa3 of yun?

coz i have a prob with that…:frowning:

i cant connect it… i know some combos but they are not that so worty coz it only cause 15-20%…

any advice? wat will i do afetr i connect that sa3…?

thanks in advance…

after sa3…

  1. (learn the timing for this one) mp/
  2. (if opponet is near/in corner) f+hp, f+mk x2, palm, f+mk x2, palm, lunge punch (genei ends), mk launcher, f+hp, lunge punch
  3. click here

what lord sharky posted :slight_smile:

if the opponent is nowhere near the corner:

after genei jin,, s.hp, fierce shoulder tackle x n until close to corner, f+hp, lunge punch, then corner stuff into finisher.

and try to take out the jab shoulder tackle if you can, you deal more damage that way.