Need XBl players for casual matches

As the post says 4 games such as kof 13, sf4ae, tekken 6, and 3rd strike tryin to get better wit arcade stick XBL name Lj313bm p.s im Really trash in ae and kof 13

I’ll play AE.

im down to play all 4 not the best but i works wit it GT: beedub321

gonna add both u guyz now

I would love to get in on some casuals. I’ve hit a plateau and got frustrated because everyone is so freakin’ good online. I’d love to branch out and learn some new characters and meet some new people that I could play with regularly. My gamertag is KempoMan.

Thats how i’ve been feeling for a couple weeks now.

im adding soul caliber 4, kofum, marvel vs capcom 2, and ultimate marvel vs shitcom 3 2 the list

im starting a casual stream cause im looking to level up and meet new gamers feel free to come join us saturday night. i might have few tips to convert from pad to stick. xbox live gt: slurpmee

pwn thugs n harmony is a funny name

Come join us on saturday night 6 to 9 mikey my gt:slurpmee

Friend Requests sent. I’ve been busy so haven’t checked this message board, hopefully you guys are still looking for another player.

will do.

New to the community…Looking for cool gamers to game with on live. I play all the major fighting games SF4AE, KOF13, UMVC3, SF3:TS, MK9, SSF2THD…My tag is Melfice X, hit me up…

Hey guys iam going to added every one in here, I just got into fighing games two days ago, Trading my black berry play book for a SFxT arcade pro stick on these forums.

XBL name is Zoidtecks

I got SSF AE, UMVC3 and preorder SFxT SE.

Ok people. Do not add SigmaMike.

Why? I sent him a friend invite. He accepted it and we started playing. I won the first match. After one round in the second match, he rage quits and then deletes me for no reason. lol Was it because I have high player points and battle points? Who knows.

Even after the rage quit, I sent him a ggs message and he didn’t even reply to it.

Just wanted to play some street fighter with fellow SRKers.

If anyone wants to play, GT is: anth0nygamer . <----- that’s a zero not a circle after the h.

i beat him twice and kicked me and removed me too. kinda strange.

i only keep people with a good connection.yeloow bar see ya later three green bars is 50 50. i could careless about pp and bp. Gameer g

bump for persona 4 or ttt2

bump for virtua fighter 5 any1

Looking for east coast players for 3s. Not looking to deal with teleporting dashes.