Need VS series help: aerial combos

Hey there people! So I’ve been having a little bit of difficulty. I’m playing Tatsunoko vs Capcom partly because I want to prepare for Marvel vs Capcom 3 (since the Light, Medium, Heavy controls are similar), and because I really enjoy the gameplay and characters. While watching some combo videos for Chun-Li and the Yatterman characters, I’ve noticed that people are really good at moving upwards while they are hitting the character at least four to seven times. I’ve been trying to do it myself for some time but the only thing I accomplish is hitting them with an Light, Light, Medium, Medium and then they fall before as I hop up for another round. Does anyone have any tips for timing this properly so I can continue to extend my air combos? I’d really appreciate it. =)

Its a jump cancel. It sounds like you are doing

Launcher, jump cancel (hold up), A, A, B, B, double jump after B recovers.

What you need to do is jump cancel the B attack.

Launcher, jump cancel (hold up), A, A, B, B, jump cancel (TAP up), B, B, C

You can see an example in my TvC UAS tutorial. It is the featured video on my youtube page, linked in my signature. There is a part in the middle where i pause the video to show you where to jump cancel for a double jump air combo.