Need Video Card recommendations

My radeon 9800 took a crap on me, and I have an old ass piece of shit in my comp right now. Anybody have a suggestion on what I should get? The problem is, I’m still running an older board that has AGP. I do not have access to PCI express and I don’t have the disposable income to upgrade that. Somebody told me to look into a GeForce 6800 AGP and it would hold me over for quite some time till I finally upgrade my mobo. Problem is, I got NO idea where to find one. No stores around here even carry those cards. Can anybody point me in the right direction besides Ebay? Or throw out any other suggestions on what I could get that would be comparable or better than the 9800?

The 6800 series is probably you best best. I think the XT is the newest one if i’m not mistaken. There are also a few 7800 agp cards if you feel like spending the extra money. I posted links to a few of the BFG Cards but the evga ones are just as good if you look around on newegg.

7800 BFG AGP


6800 , 6800u or x800xl is a nice boost from a 9800. If you want to spend extra money, I sugged getting a core2duo + agp/ddr1 mobo and a cheap card if you don’t want to upgrade for a while.

What’s your power supply wattage…?

450 watts, Mr. Pants.

What should I expect to pay for some of these cards? I’ve seen any where from 100 to like 300. I’m not really into the upgrade scene for computers anymore so I don’t know shit about shit.

When you decide to get a new mobo…I think it’ll most likely have PCI Express slots since AGP Mobos are pretty much phasing out. So if I were you, I wouldn’t really consider putting alot money into a Nvidia 7 series. Stick with the 6 series…

Although…BFG Tech BFGR76512GSOC GeForce 7600GS 512MB 128-bit GDDR2 AGP 4X/8X Video Card looks like a good deal. for its price…and BFG Tech has a lifetime warranty.

I recently got a Geforce 7600GS AGP with 512MB from PNY for about 139 + shipping from tiger direct. I then saw the same card at best buy for 135. I haven’t installed it yet as I’m going to get a new PCI based capture card relately soon hopefully lol.

However AGP is being phased out rather quickly it seems so after that card it would seem like your next upgrade would have to be a new motherboard with new processor, new video card… essentially a new computer. I’m in the same boat too though lol

Yeah, that’s the plan. Thing is, I want to put the upgrade off for damn near a year. I simply don’t have the funds. But, I DO need a new video card since my crapped the fuck out.

Then you might as well get a cheap card to tide you over since it’s just to replace a borked one…probably spend no more than $100.