Need urgent help

Good evening,

Do u repair fighsticks?

If yes I need some help.

  1. I have a Street Fighter®V Arcade FightStick™ Tournament Edition S+ for PS4 & PS3.
    I bought a used one. I changed the old mother board out with a new one, BUT the I don’t know how to connect wires that pertain to PS button etc (in that area) to the mother board.

  2. I also have a
    Mad Catz SFV Arcade Fightstick Tournament Edition 2+ for PlayStation 3 & PlayStation 4

This one --It also was bought used but without a joystick, so i bought a joystick and every time I try to choose a player in Street Fighter it keeps cycling through the list of players and won’t let me choose a player.

Welcome back. You were already informed by multiple SRK members (incl. me) in…
[THIS](Joystick never worked properly thread that you created, and also…
[THIS](Need urgent advise thread that you created to use THE Q&A STICKY THREAD for asking questions. Please repost this in that thread.

And please cut using the word “URGENT” in your titles, dude. You are not dying, and you’re not at a tourney with your only [broken] stick.