Need To Sell My Ticket For The Main Event Viewing On Sunday

I was selected to Judge this year & because of this they’ll be covering my EVO Finals Ticket. It’s the General Admission that comes out to $66 but I’ll sell mine for $60 if anyone is interested. Appreciate it


Might wanna try Stub Hub. But far as I know, GA tix are still available from the main site and floor seats being all the rage.

OMG saved me! I would like to buy your ticket please. My email is I can pay right away. How do the seats transfer?

still avail?

Oh yeah. I guess I should probably sell my extra one as well while I’m thinking about it since I’m in the same boat. Mine is in section floor6.

Yeah…I’m willing to sell my seat for the finals.
How do I got about it?

I sent you a PM. Hopefully I am lucky to get one since I didn’t know about the tickets for the finals.

Ticket sold…

Anyone got 3 spare tickets?

I had given up on checking the thread after weeks of it being not replied too only to find I missed a bunch of requests in that time. Apologies all. I ended up just asking around manually around EVO so hopefully that was one of you I sold it to lol