Need to make a 5pin connector receive 4 buttons (hitbox)

What is a good method? I dont want to cut up the original wire, im thinking something along the lines of a 5pin adapter.

  1. get 8 quick disconnects
  2. get wire
  3. get male-end 5-pin header
  4. daisy-chain 4 quick-disconnects
  5. crimp 4 individual quick-disconnects to individual pieces of wire
  6. crimp/solder everything together on the 5-pin header
  7. connect and enjoy

thanks a million man.

edit: where might I find said headers? I did an ebay search but was getting USB parts.

Case settled. Here u go anyone who is interested.

Our knights in shining neckbeard save us once more, ily focusattack senpaii.