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Hi I’m a from a developing country (poland) and also an agnostic-atheist and I wish to be better with viper. I’m having trouble with the technical aspects. I can only wakeup grab and crossup burn kick over and over. omg i keep getting owned by this rufus and rog too. The same guy picked up dan and even owned me with him (he’s also an atheist)


man this reminds me of the time my blazblue community died just like my forefathers in ww2.

Troll topic much, mods need to close it o.o



Poland is not a developing country. It’s already an established country. It may not be a superpower, but it’s definitely not a third world country.

Which are you? The two, although similar, are completely different in technical levels.

So you’re an atheist, not agnostic, then?

Poland was founded way before WW2. Your founding fathers did not die in that war.

Oh, and for Viper. Just quit playing her and go start trolling the Boxer threads.
That’s where rude, ignorant bastards like you belong.


Uhhhm, Lainy is wrong on a lot of levels.

best reply ever

You fucking idiot. Ignorant shits like you make me sick. Sure this was a troll post, but you are wrong on many aspects.

Firstly, Poland IS a developing country. Third world and developing are not exactly synonymous. Developing country - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Secondly, Atheism and Agnosticism aren’t mutually exclusive. You can be an Atheist while being an agnostic and vice versa. Go google it. Agnosticism simply means you are not claiming a God to not exist. You see, Atheism is not a claim, but the disbelief in the claim of God. If you disbelief in a God, it doesn’t mean you’re claiming a God doesn’t exist. If you however DO claim a God doesn’t exist, that is called hard Atheism. If you don’t claim a God doesn’t exist, but have a disbelief in God, you are an Agnostic-Atheist. Fucking shit.

Yes, it really does matter, simply because the burden of proof remains on claims. To proove a God exists (much like proving fairies exist), requires evidence. If you can’t provide proof, the correct default position is disbelief (much like we disbelief cookie monsters via lack of evidence). However, once I start claiming, A GOD DOESN’T EXIST, the burden of proof is on me. I have to prove a God doesn’t exist (which is do-able, but as outrageous as disproving a teapot which is invisible, coloured red and is revolving around Saturn.

And about my forefathers? Don’t get fucking technical with me you shit. I know Vipers tend to be technically demanding, but take my out-of-taste joke and enjoy it.

LainySky laying down the trump cards!

This is kinda funny to me. The troll in this case is totally correct and was exactly what I was thinking when I read Lainy’s post. Seems like the troll knows his stuff, and the “anti-troll”…doesn’t, lol.

Edit: To clarify the troll:

Theism: Claims that a God or Gods exist
Agnosticism: Doesn’t necessarily deny that a claim is false (open term)
Atheism: Disbelieves in the claims of God
Agnostic-Atheism: Disbelieves in the claims of God, but doesn’t claim that a God doesn’t exist
Hard Atheism: Disbelieves in the claims of God and claims a God doesn’t exist.

Lainy got owned

I don’t mind being pointed out that I’m wrong.
But PMing me twice about this was unnecessary.
You wanted attention, I gave you attention, you argued back with good argument, kudos.
But unnecessary followups? Leave that crap at home.

ching chong what?

Look at him, he is actualy linking stuff up and responding to the specifics.

this is deffinently a troll