Need tips on beating spammers

Hey guys. The title says it all and the spammer team is Ghost Rider, Chun-Li and, and Sentinel. This kid’s ghost rider keeps spamming the standing H and when it connects, he immediately follows it up with a conviction slam and he also mixes it up with the sentinel charge assist. And as for the chun-li, this guy keeps spamming the lightning kick move and also mixes it up with the sentinel assist. and when the lightning combo connects, he immediately follows up with the kikou-shou h.c. I’ve tried teleporting characters, such as deadpool and strider, team trench coat, and keep away characters and nothing seems to work. Please guys I need your help and it’s getting very annoying and frustrating.

Spam harder, seriously.

These characters aren’t that bad. Patience and pushblocking is the key and knowing when to attack.

Ghost Rider- Has a lot of blind spots on his attacks. You need to fear his jump S and standing H. Block them and advance to almost point blank range and let him have it as his moves suck at that range.

Chun Li- Push block her and take advantage on the facts most of her limbs have NO range. As long as you are not point blank you are out of her attack range. Good zoning wrecks her.

Sentinel- Watch out for his crouching medium at all costs. You won’t beat it period lol so don’t try. If you are having trouble with Sentinel assist I know of 3 ways to punish it. #1 Hug the point character with constant pressure, if you do this the assist will have no time to start up. #2 Superjump when you see the drones. What better way to deal with a mixup then avoid it completely. #3 Use a beam character like Ryu or Strange and super on reaction to seeing a Sent call.

That’s all I got obviously without seeing any specific matches this is all general advice and I hope it helps you some.


First the Vultures thread and now this? How the hell did we get so many spammers so fast?
If you want to beat that spam, just use Hulk’s Gamma Charge anti-air/Nemesis’s Launcher Slam and spam “dem beamz”. Doom, Magneto, Iron Man, even arrows from Taskmaster or Hawkeye will do. If you want to rush in, pushblock them into a corner and go for the best mix-ups your team has. Fact: Spammers usually don’t understand mix-ups unless they spam mix-ups. In that case, they don’t understand punishing and keep-away.

You can also tag in sent if the assist is really wrecking you,

Put Ammy on point. Use her L counter against Ghost Rider’s standing H or jump S. If you get to land a combo on him, snap in Sentinel. Once Sentinel is taken care of, his team will be alot easier to deal with. Ammy’s counter works on ChunLi’s lightning legs too…and the dog is great against Sentinel.

Try Trish against Chun Li. Lay traps and shoot projectiles. Try to take your battle to the air…that dive kick she has is great for getting in. Push block her when she gets in with lightning legs. If you get into a corner, super jump and go into flight mode and wave dash out of the corner and lay a ground trap before landing. When he calls drones assist, just take to the air.

  1. pick a character with an air normal that has a massive hitbox and causes a groundbounce / hard knock down / etc. (Sentinel S, Nemesis S, Doom S, Wolvie dive kick, Haggar pipe, Skrull charge S / down H)

  2. super jump like a madman and spam that normal (remember, Ghost Rider’s H, Chun’s legs and Sent’s drones can’t hit you if you’re 50 feet in the air at all times)

i know that tactic sounds scrubby as hell, because it IS scrubby as hell. but sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do. one of the most fundamental parts of this… ‘game’, is to learn how to avoid situations entirely. if you’re having trouble blocking something, you’re better off just staying the f*ck away from it. and when you combine evasion with a cheap air normal, you have a winning combo in UMVC3.

there’s a reason why most characters with a ground-bouncing / hard-knockdowning air normal do NOT have an 8-way air dash (well, except for Phoenix and Doom… but f*ck them)

TLDNR version: as Zensouken said above, “spam harder”

You could try learning how to play the game properly. That might help a tad bit.

Pushblock basically…Ghost Rider when he’s in the extremes of range (full screen or up close) he does poorly, also just respect his normals and don’t be so button-pressy-like

Also you can spam even harder, i.e Pick hawkeye lol.

Sent is easy as hell to deal with…Just learn the timing of his beams and jump into him and land a combo. Just wait till you running into a Sent/ghost/doom with hidden missiles lol good luck with that one.

You cannot play fair or nice with spam…dig down low and spam as hard as ever lol

The only way to beat spam is to pick a team that can spam out attacks faster.

I played ghost for a little awhile and spammed the hell out of jumping S and was on a crazy winning streak to see if someone had a way to beat it out. Mostly wesker,vergil,dante teleport spamming bullshit will take out ghost rider.

Ghost Rider is legit if the player is smart with it. His main weakness is above his head, abuse that otherwise you need to slowly draing his life from across the screen. Staying in the air and blocking is good against him as well because he has no mix ups and he doesn’t have the mobility to air throw you consistently.

Hulk is NOT an answer to Ghost Rider. One of the reasons I’m beginning to like GR is because he forces Hulk players to behave and stop mashing on shit all the time.

Read the OP again. Does this guy know that the game has a button that isn’t H?

It could be because of Chris G’s Morrigan team having lots and lots of coverage and popularity lately after Curleh Mustache (despite the team having existed for a long time), it could be because there are a lot of new players because of Christmas (as opposed to a lot of new spammers) and new players are easily put out by spamming, or it just might be because spamming is one of those things that you just can’t grind out a solution to by playing a spammer over and over again, you just have to ask others what the solution is.

As for the OP, Ghost Rider has an egregious blind spot in the upper opposite corner, so you can always attempt to super jump there and approach by air. You might get pushed out anyways by his attacks, but it’s worth a try and doesn’t make you change a team member just to beat him.

Although Ghost Rider with Hidden Missiles… that’s another story. ;___;

When it comes to Ghost Rider, you just have to outlame him. Stay in the air at super jump height and rain projectiles down on him(Trish and Morrigan are great at this) or come down hard with an aerial attack that causes a ground bounce(Hulk and Sentinel j.S, Wolverine’s Dive Kick, Felicia’s Delta Kick, etc), then lay into him. Pray to the Marvel Gods he doesn’t have Doom’s Hidden Missiles because that’s really the only assist that can protect his blind spot.

I play a team with Morrigan on it, so when I see Ghost Rider on point I don’t fuck around and just go straight for bullet hell. It always makes me laugh when I get hatemail from Ghost Rider players considering he is by far one of the most scrub-friendly characters in the game.

Anybody who’s smart and has played Ghost Rider for longer than 5 matches knows that you can just QCB+L and it just pushes them back to where ever Hx2 started from. I usually just wait patiently and strike hard with an assist (Strider usually, Vajra assist is nasty business) or add in a teleport if I happen to have Vergil out at the time.

Ghost riders are all stupid easy to deal with if you have a character who can play decent to good keepaway with. Zero dominates him with the Buster, Hawkeye with gimlets, Deadpool is awesome, basically, anyone great at zoning would beat this guy’s team.