Need TE stick help

Alright so i was playing SF with my TE stick and my brother somehow magically walks over and spills a glass full of water on it. I quickly wipe it off and continue playing. While doing so I notice the joystick wasnt responding sometimes. Every thing else was working just fine. So the next day i plug the stick in and the joystick wouldnt respond at all. So I unplug it and plug it back in and then i move the joystick while switching the LS and DP switch back and forth to see if anything would happen, but nothing did.

I check all the buttons and stuff to see if they work and they do just fine, turbo lights and all. So would anybody tell me what they think happened and what i could do to fix this without me screwing this up and havin to possibly buy a new stick.

sounds like your pcb or microswitches died you probably have to buy a new joystick, its only like 20 bucks