Need suggestion about TE stick

Sorry to make a thread like this, I’ve posted this on other thread but I dont get any response.



I’m going to pre-order TE stick on German e-retails, but I don’t know which one to pick the 360 or PS3.

I’m going to mod it so that I can use it for PS2, which one is easier to mod? the 360 or PS3.

My Goal is to use it for PC or PS2, since I haven’t bought 360/PS3.

Thank you

There isn’t a backwards compatible adapter to ps2.

Since you’ll be taking out the pcb for the mod, I’m guessing either would work.

thanks for your input, do you think there will be any difference between PS3 and 360 TE to dual PCB for PS2?

markman if you are there , would you mind to answer it for me. Thanks a lot.

if you havent already ordered it you wont be getting one… and umm both work on pc

thanks for your answer,

if I dont get the TE, I can still get the standard one.

the question is which one is easier to mod for PS2?

sorry for my bad english :smiley:

they’ll both be easy to mod for ps2

we’re just recommending people to grab the 360 one if your plan on using cthulhu/uPCB(Note:both are different) as well. The pcb is common ground so it should behave well with the cthulhu/uPCB.