Need sugestions - Arcade Stick Bag

I work in a bag factory in Brazil, and as a player I’m trying to make a nice bag to sell

i allrdy make a ploject one, i need u guy to give me sugestions and answer the question, you buy it if possible? what can i do to improve the bag?

Arcade sticks who fit in the bag
TE r1 and 42
Normal Horis like Soul Calibur V and STxTK
an i’m making 30mm plus version to fit Lightinh edge and MvC3 and real arcade HORI’s sticks

R$ 180,00
like U$ 80,00

i really don’t know how the names of the materials used on english so, the upholstery is same used in car seats, the (canvas??) used is the same as mountain bag, is very resistent and i’m making some changins to fit inside a game pocket

some pics

i’m making some embroidery designs too but i’ll post it latter if asked.

thx anyway for anyone who help me in some way

and sry about the english. haha

Looks very weather resistant and I like the size. I would suggest add more padding to the stick area to prevent it damaging the ball top.

what about a hard plastic “box” that sits over the stick itself?

I was thinking a foam mold, like in the Mad Catz stick bag for TE and Pro Fightsticks. That’s the bag I use.

i thinking about that, i will problably do anything like the madcatz, a circle foam to put in the stick . and yes is weather resistant, is same material as mountaing bags.

I would buy if shipping wasn’t crazy to the U.S.

i really don’t have a clue how much is, but i will try to find that info

Hello dennesss! I have a few suggestions on top of what everyone else has mentioned.

  • 2 removable shoulder straps. They get in the way when I’m not on travel. Plus they can be set the way single strap bags work.
  • optional inserts for people who have smaller arcade sticks.
  • external beverage pocket.
  • carrying handle

I have both the Madcatz and the Capcom arcade stick bags. They both have single straps. One has a drink holder. The other has a handle. Since you’re looking to put them into production, you should scope out the competition.

Agreed on all counts^

Who had the custom made aluminum carrying cases with molded foam inserts lined with velvet fabric?
That puts all the other Stick carrying cases to SHAME.

Voltech Vas-tc :slight_smile:

noted! thx

Hi, I’m looking for a fightstick bag I have a Madcatz TE Round 2 and a Madcatz TE “S” , I have in mind the Capcom bag or the Madcatz carrier, Which one is better? Considering other fightsticks in the future so in terms of size, if in the future I have a qanba or a hori for example, can I use same bag or its exclusive for madcatz sticks?

I just use a standard backpack or messenger bag.

I just PM’d you.

Man, dennesss hasn’t been on in forever. Too bad. His bag looked like it had potential.

I forgot all about that. Shame.