Need stick help

OK. Here is the story. I never used a stick much but now I have a local arcade to practice with some pretty serious players. I want a stick that is good particularly with 3S and Tekken too. I play on PS2 by the way. So the problem is I am in Japan and wanted to know if Japanese sticks work on an english PS2. Another problem is I am having a hard time finding one that is set up good for 3S as well. Is it hard to make one? Where should I order one? Thanks for any advice. Feel free to give tips about how to convert from controller to joy stick too.

Check the trading outlet. Finkle and dreadedfist can make you something customized to your tastes. It doesn’t matter what region the controller is, it should work on an english ps2. If you don’t want to pay the price to have a custom made check out HRAP 2 on

Zyx Whitewind:

To answer some of the questions, Yes, japanese sticks work on English PS2s. (they should) perhaps you can try looking for Hrap2, they have a similar layout as most Japanese cabinets have over in Japan. Also they use Sanwa which is rather nice to use for 3s and Tekken.

Making one could be hard, or easy, it all depends on the skill you have, for myself I cannot make one out of wood, mainly because I don’t have wood working skills, but I can mod them easily once I have a case. You can order them from any location that has arcade sticks in your area, maybe you could try Or

Tips from converting from Controller to joystick…the tip is…practice, and patience. I wish you good luck.


The is NO region detection or lockout of any kind for Playstation 2 controllers. Take a trip to Akihabara or any game store and get a HRAP 2, and you’ll be golden.

Thanks. Got another related question now. Are english memory cards ok to use on japanese games? Will it hurt my english game saves at all? Thanks.

There should be no reason for it to damage your english memory card. Kind of like if you downloaded a japanese file onto an american brand hard drive; it’s just memory.

I could be wrong of course, but all my experience with japanese games tells me that it’s harmless.