Need sparring partners for SF4 AE

I main Juri and don’t use any other characters. A lot of people I run into endless battle kick my ass. I’m new to this game and only have 850 pp. I’m looking for people under 2,000 pp to spar with.

i main viper and only have like 600pp i run into the same problems as u with endless battle, i wouldent mind sparing with you as im always on xbl at random times
i also play with juri a lil GT: ThisisEubanks

ah ok ill send you a friend request


I bounce around 2-3k pp alot. I would play with you and give you tips.

Ah Sniped - is my gt

I play around 4-5 characters


capital U and no E.

Ive wanted to get back into street fighter for awhile now.

main: sakura (c+)