Need some 'teachers' for the following

Super Street Fighter 4, UMvC3, and trying to get better at street fighter x tekken (honestly no clue on how i got to a B rank on that game)<br><br>Super Street Fighter 4 Characters= Ibuki, Chun Li, Sakura, and Juri<br>Street fighter x tekken= Lili x Vega, Sakura x Alisa, Chun Li x Cammy<br>Nobody for UMvC3 i suck that bad but i really wanna learn chun li<br><br>if you can help me i would greatly appricate it (especially linking in street fighter games) my GT is BT KllrInstinct<br>

I can help on UMVC3. I don’t really use my mic to talk to people I’m not really familiar with but I can use whatever team you want me to use. I’m ok with everyone except Chun, Tron, Hsien, MODOK, and Felicia.

Super Street Fighter 4: Akuma, Ryu
UMVC3: Wolverine, Doom, Vergil

I need a training partner for both since I am still pretty green. I got most of the basics down just need to advance my learning curve greatly. If y’all can help shoot me a friend request GT is ThumpaUnleashed