Need some 'teachers' for the following

I’m not to noobish but i’m learning arcade stick, i’m not too sure if this is the best place to post this but I would like some help learning some advanced. techinques and getting better with the stick while playing Super Street Fighter IV AE, Street Fighter x Tekken, and maybe UMvC3

Add me on xbox and just invite me to a party. Eager to learn and actually get better


I’ll help with UMvC3. I know how that game works and SFIVAE to a lesser extent. Don’t have a mic though.

UMvC3 is the one im worst at, i can do very simple shit, the game just too fast for me to try to pull anything off in a real match

Yeah, it runs really quickly. You’re having trouble keeping up with combos or keeping up with where the opponent is with teleports and beams onscreen? For the second you have to kinda know what they can/will do with that character. For example, if Vergil calls a beam assist, I watch for a teleport and block the other way. That just takes getting hit with it a lot though, so it’s not a fun process.

I’m not sure if ill be a good teacher in marvel but ill definitely play you and see if there is any pointers I can throw your way. I used to teach people AE but I got tired of it because all but one of my students turned into a casual. Though I been taking a break from that game so ill need to brush up a bit. I’m also just getting back into sfxtk also. I play all of those on stick except for AE. I play that on pad.

i usually play on regular controller but people say that arcade stick is better to plink and shit like that, no clue what it means lol

but my controller is fucked up my down doesn’t work and I use vega and chun li so yah i need to charge,

my people on each game is = Ibuki, Vega, Juri, Chun Li, on AE
Open to anything on UMVC3,
Vega x Lili (Vega x Juri)on SFxTK

and Lili and Asuka on TTT2, use to be Lili nd Kunimitsu but i jsut couldn’t get anything going with her

Its a matter of preference really. I only still play AE on pad because I have 2 and a half years experience playing it that way. On stick my double quarter circles are a mess and so are my triangles. It just sets me back too much for it to really be worth it though. That and skullgirls are the last fighters I play on pad.

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