need some help

im new to mk9 i bought the game,when it was released…but i instand stop playing as i recognized,that online mode suxx as hell.
after these few month,i decide to give it a try again.i heard they patched it and online mode is great now…

well it still suxx but,i think after a while i can handle the 0,5 sec input delay (cant believe they fucked this game up su much)

but i got some problems:

i played ssf4 long time and i was … well… not bad (maybe some1 knows my sakura)
nvm…i thought this game is comerable with sf,but its totaly NOT!
u cant punish things real good.i mean,i expect my enemy to hit his combo on my block and i want to punish him for that.but before my first hit comes out,he is done with his recovery and just stupid continues hitting the buttons randomly .
i can do some nice combos (with jade)…but like i mentioned:i cant punish and i rly have no clue how to get in. Oo
i often face subs that only do clone and move back and throw ice…well im not able to dodge 20000 icemoves in 4 secs -.- sometimes they get me and i loose cuz of that eZ shiat.

this game feels total different than sf.even the input seems to be dumb.
when i do qcb/qcf the engine seems to be disturbed by the db/df feels like u have to clean hit down and then back.
with a ps3 controller would that be no problem cuz he only has 4 directions,but:

1.i own a xbox
2.i have a madcatz fichgtpad with 8 directions

does some1 has a few tips for me?

yes. Read the forums and learn how to type.